TfGM Autumn Freight Forum - "It's about Greater Manchester, not just the City"

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Greater Manchester freight discussions between TfGM and the IoC – Richard Banks, head of freight for TfGM Helen Smith and IoC Chair Carl Lomas Greater Manchester freight discussions between TfGM and the IoC – Richard Banks, head of freight for TfGM Helen Smith and IoC Chair Carl Lomas

TfGM - Freight in Greater Manchester - compliance an impact - golden freight routes

Helen Smith head of freight for Transport for Greater Manchester hosted her national freight forum for Greater Manchester to a full house audience that included TNT, Tarmac, Adidas and Warburtons, Trafford teams, local councils mixed with academics.

Highways England talked data on the golden freight routes, IoC asked the Red Star rail question for consolidation.

LoCity talk was 1200 electric new vehicles last year, a small number in the pool of all vehicles but the growth graph was like a ski slope for Eddie the Eagle.

There was Manchester Mayor input for the forthcoming freight strategy, a great lunch and interactive afternoon workshops in a diary date not to be missed.


It's about Greater Manchester, not just the City


Helen Smith spoke passionately about compliance & impacts. Tackling air quality and working with Public Health England. She explained the Mayor has announced dates for consultation on congestion in Greater Manchester and TfGM want operators to talk and add to the discussions forming solutions.

Robert Fickling, rail strategy at TfGM explained rail freight in the Manchester area, as much as 10% of freight flow is on rail, this has fallen from the heavy coal transport twenty years ago but today it's about intermodal boxes, we want to get boxes into Trafford Park but is this really the best location for you, where would you choose as a rail head? IoC asked Robert the Red Star question - A rush package from Central London to Euston for Rail to Manchester Piccadilly and then local courier for final mile, that’s clean, fast and multi modal, can we see such alliance return from the Red Star days ? Robert is ready to dish out the discussion and see what can be achieved.

Amanda Mushing for Highways England explained a lifelong journey in the freight sector from Christian Salveson to Sainsbury logistics,

I am from your sector and here to help your sector...I am ready to work with data on the golden freight routes.


She outlined the history of transition from the Highways Agency to Highways England that began April 1st 2015.

It brought more control of funding. RISI, 15 billion pounds of investment to be used from 2015 to 2020. This Saturday marks the half way point of RISI...HS2 will have a big impact on roads, our roadworks team are also focused to improve diversions.


Looking at Platoons of trucks,

Highways England support the DfT trials about to begin on platoon driving for trucks.


There was LoCity talk with a big focus on the clean diesel of the future but electric and zero emission was thin on the discussions. Nigel Base looked at the numbers, Heavy truck numbers down as light van figures continued to rise with e-retail. There were 1200 electric vehicles sold in the UK last year. A small number but the graph increased like a ski slope fit for the eagle. There was no mention of pedal power, inner city final mile solutions and cargo cycle last mile. LoCity at Alexandra Palace needs to be ready for your diary and a full briefing.

Richard Banks, Paul Davison and James Nankivell covered the detail, a TfGM showcase on the numbers, the TfGM freight programme explained, the growing impact of freight in the wider greater Manchester area. James spoke DSP the delivery service plan, getting freight between buildings. Better management of freight and working suppliers. Paul covered population growth, 3 million in Greater Manchester by 2030. Retiming on the agenda but little talk of consolidation.

Panel discussions, a great lunch and almost everyone back to the tables for the afternoon workshops that were interactive and building best practice - Well done Helen Smith and the TfGM team !


2017 news sep tfgm mushing

Highways England Amanda Mushing – Data for the golden freight routes


2017 news sep tfgm fickling

Robert Fickling – Express final mile, inter city- Lets talk about the Red Star history and look at similar solutions for the future.


2017 news sep tfgm smith panel

Helen Smith leads panel discusions at TfGM
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