The New Royal Mail postal museum - London WC1 & the history book of mail

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IOC Chairman Carl Lomas at the Postal Museum London WC1 IOC Chairman Carl Lomas at the Postal Museum London WC1

A perfect visit between the September rain showers for the Royal Mail Museum at Mount Pleasant London WC1 which opened in July this year.

If you can't get there, take a look at the history book, ‘Masters of the Post'



Five hundred and one years of the Royal Mail. IoC Chair Carl Lomas took in the Sept sunshine between rain showers for a tour of half a millennium of the Royal Mail at its new postal museum. It was time to discover the surprise stories of the world's first social network, ride the hidden tunnels and discover the unique industrial heritage of the mail. Carl Lomas comments, ‘Inspiring exhibitions packed with incredible objects and very interactive.’

The Postal Museum is at 15 Phoenix Place WC1 around the corner from the Mount Pleasant sorting office and is open from ten until five most days.

Not able to get there ?, take a look at the book holding centre stage in the museum shop. ‘Masters of the Post’. The Authorised History of the Royal Mail, a paperback – 1 Nov 2012. From the very first 'master of the post' in 1512 to the vast network of today, the Royal Mail is an intrinsic part of everyday life in Britain


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