UK Mail has an exceptional A45 Coventry super-hub - post the DHL deal, the next stage begins...

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DHL is investing more than twenty million on three new sites - two are opening in November at Aberdeen and Milton Keynes, but the first is in October at Enfield.

Peter Fuller comments,

This investment in key sites is part of our strategic growth plan for the business. We’ve recently been awarded some major new contracts and we have ambitious targets to continue on this trajectory. To be successful we need to invest in the most effective infrastructure and equipment for our people to increase parcel handling capacity.



The first new site will be 70,000 feet in Enfield. Processing up to 15,000 parcels a day and costing £10 million, it has been organised by Segro. UK Mail will then open two sites in November - Aberdeen and a 20,000 parcels a day, 100,000 feet,  12 million pound  depot in Milton Keynes replacing its existing Milton Keynes site.

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