Bob Holt DX CEO retires and hands over to Ron Series

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Bob Holt CEO DX hands over to Ron Series mid August.

In the same week, DX and John Menzies have terminated talks on merger. ‘It was not possible to agree suitable terms for the deal.’

DX shareholder Gatemore, Liad Meidar,

Bob Holt’s stewardship of the company throughout a challenging period and believe that the board arrived at the right conclusion with the Menzies transaction. We strongly believe that with leading positions in document exchange, secure delivery and IDW freight, DX is well positioned to thrive as a stand-alone basis.

Other board changes proposed at DX include new non-executive directors, Russell Black, Lloyd Dunn and Paul Goodson.

DX’s shareholder Gatemore, Liad Meidar said:

We are excited about the prospects for DX as a stand-alone company, especially under the leadership of the new board. Each of the four new directors brings significant sector experience. Ron Series and Lloyd Dunn can in fact be directly credited with the remarkable turnaround of Tuffnells, DX’s main competitor in freight.