Whistl launch quarter million feet of postal power in Bolton

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Whistl has made a big impression on the UK mail market since it began operating thirteen years ago and has grown to a £600 million business now managing the sortation and delivery of mail and parcels in the UK and internationally.  From bills to statements to advertising leaflets and brochures – one thing is for sure, the mail market is in good shape.

Carl Lomas IOC chair joined Whistl CEO Nick Wells and board members for a VIP tour of the company’s new super depot in Bolton which opened this week.  The size of the giant whistle that greats you at the front door is an indication of the size and ambition for this new super depot and the role it will play in the ambitious growth plans the company has for the future.

Nick Wells, CEO, Whistl welcomed guests to the quarter of a million square foot brand new building on the Logistics North site, Bolton.  The event began an overview and potted history of the company starting with the liberalisation of the postal market in 2004. Nick explained that Bolton was created from a consolidation of two Whistl sites in Leeds and Warrington, enabling the company to operate more efficiently in one location. The site design allows for a one handle operation for around 350 people – growing to 500 at peak. This was then followed by a tour of the site.  Questions from the tour included - why Bolton?  Nick explained that a combination of location,  client locations, access and vehicle space were issues in the decision making process.  Space for truck shunting also played a part in the location choice.

Over the past year whistl has invested significantly across the UK, including Bolton, with 100 new artics, 120 new vans and 50 rigids.  There was also a showcase of telematics on the new Toyota fork trucks installed across whistl including its important safety features.

The level of detail in the planning of this new site from fork lifts to the sortation floor layout, to the inbound truck platforms to belts sorting letters, demonstrates why the Whistl super depot in Bolton is a showcase of the best of mail sortation in the country.


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