London Ultra-Low Emission Zone to arrive 17 months early

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Tim Ward talks ULEZ atop level briefing for low emission dates 17 month early Tim Ward talks ULEZ atop level briefing for low emission dates 17 month early

Top level TFL briefing: Ultra Low emission zone ULEZ will arrive 17 months early.

It begins April 2019 – Tim Ward TFL, ‘working with you we can improve air quality.’

IOC chairman Carl Lomas was with Tim Ward TFL for the ULEZ briefing. Tim welcomed the freight sector to the TFL 55 Broadway building in SW1, originally the ten floors rising from St James tube station was the tallest tower block in London.  Buildings, like emissions, have moved on. It was an energetic and operator-engaged discussion as the ULEZ date races forward.



Tim Ward ‘Working with you we can reduce poor air, together we can improve air quality.’ Tim focused on the figures, 9.400 premature deaths to poor air each year. ‘Drivers are effect more than many others by the poor air.’ T Charge arrives this October, ULEZ will arrive April 2019, (17 months ahead of first vision)  final consultation documents must be in by June 29th.  The other big date  imminent is Mayors launch of the next Transport Policy.

Sadiq Khan's  4 point pollution plan,                          

1.       T Charge

2.       ULEZ

3.       National diesel scrappage

4.       Encourage low emission vehicles

Simon Roberts delivered the detail for TFL. Key slides attached. T charge, ten pounds for anything euro 4 and below (vehicles built circa 2005) The ULEZ zone will be 24/7 . Big news is about the ULEZ arrival 17 moths early to start April 2019. Heavy trucks Euro 5 and below will be charged one hundred pounds a day, vans twelve pounds fifty a day on dirty engines pre Euro six. The ULEZ boundary will follow the existing low emission zone map and be circa M25 as the boundary. Extending ULEZ zone is expected to reduce pollution by forty per-cent.

Q&A – Tim Ward wanted interaction and set aside a big slot for Q&A – It was operator interactive and well engaged. John Lewis, Tesco dot com alongside regular final mile. City sprint asked about medical delivery vehicles. Questions were quick to move toward vehicle replacement costs, what about drivers who had leased vehicles to the original ULEZ 2020 deadline, they would loose out! Is there chance for a tiered step between new April 2019 and original 2020 for those with Euro 5. Specialist vehicles were high on the question set, recovery trucks, waste wagons , mechanical sweepers and kit specific lorries, low miles, not replaced in same nature of higher mile heavies, how to deal with scrappage and update of older engines? Fridge motors pollute too, was raised!

A full set of presentation slides is available here as PDF


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