Logistics and transport workforce solutions at heart of AELP forum - London March 27

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Mike Cox AELP (centre)  talks training provision detail at logistics training provider group Mike Cox AELP (centre) talks training provision detail at logistics training provider group

Association of education and training providers (AELP) hosted their logistics transport forum in the City of London March sunshine. Speakers included DWP Alex Farkas and IOC Carl Lomas at the event chaired by James Billingham for AELP. 20% of the job training solutions highlighted discussions as training providers juggled govt detail to look at delivery of the coming standards including the Express Trailblazer. DWP have big push to engage logistics employers in their national logistics weeks starting May 15 and 22nd; it's time to get involved and promote your transport jobs with the job centre.



Alex Farkas, national lead for logistics and transport for DWP spoke logistics weeks, DWP set to engage with logistics in the weeks starting May 15 and 22nd. Engaging employers with message of jobs in the sector, IOC are proposed to express deliver the message of final mile delivery work across the UK. Alex continued with an outline of DPS, the new Dynamic purchasing system, began July 2015 in Central England. ‘We ask suppliers to offer solutions for the unemployed journey via the route-ways. It’s about encouraging employment for the unemployed via JCP.’ 8 categories and 5 route-ways, a minimum contract value of 50k, 10% funding for starts, 30% for completions and 60% for job outcomes, 4 weeks measured in a 30 week window. Flexible support funding procured through regional response. Richard from MANTRA talked with experience of delivery, DWP worked hand in hand for Manchester delivery, checked candidate compatibility to role, identified candidates natural aptitude for the logistics role.

Carl Lomas spoke Express – What is logistics? Express is neither LGV truck nor warehousing. Express is final mile delivery of e-retail internet shopping, sortation shed store nothing, they use belts and conveyors to sort routes and make fast solution light van delivery, it’s about customer service, clever directions and innovation. Standards at L2 and 6 with EOIs for Sortation L2, mentor L3 and Supervisor L4 with a masters L7 on the table. An exploding sector set too need double figures workforce in the evolving final mile delivery. Lomas spoke end point assessment and mapping available for delivery on The inst of couriers web at www.ioc.uk.com 

David Smith UCL, Inst of education was on hand to showcase the two way street project where IOC began the trailblazer vision for courier delivery.

James Billingham chairing the group and logistics guru with Ingeus training, ‘Employers are asking questions on standards delivered with or without qualifications? The End point assessment door is open to many new organisations. Cost of qualification development is a key driver. The tipping point is Frameworks moving to standards. Employers do want added value and extra qualifications in the package. Employers want standardised national delivery. ‘ James showed models of delivery with coaching, mentoring, training advisors, less assessment and more training.

Mike Cox, operations director for AELP had key remarks for the logistics sector focused around 20% targets for the off the job training. ‘Policy is not set to change! Questions are loud on the reduction of funding for frameworks. T levels & the standards. Best practice sharing for providers. ‘ Strong discussions followed on Standards 20% off the job training.

James Billingham split the groups to talk detail on logistics and transport delivery.


2017 news mar aelp conroy smailes

Paul Conroy talks end point with Lisa Smailes Pearson


2017 news mar aelp farkas

Alex Farkas DWP discussing DPS with Richard from MANTRA


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Dave Smith, UCL Inst of Education with Patricia Santos City & Guilds talking AOs
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