Ian Wainwright, ‘Swansong speech – 11 years of dedication to freight at TfL ‘ TfL freight forum Oct 21st

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Change and the future team after Ian Wainwright at TfL Change and the future team after Ian Wainwright at TfL

Carl Lomas IOC chair was proud to be at one of the most interactive and sincere exchanges of freight issues in the history of the TfL forum. A key note by Mike Brown, the very last word from Ian Wainwright and strong interaction at the round tables for the mayor’s strategy on London for transport. TfL Ben Plouden summarised into six key themes.



13th forum and on a Friday, a full house in London WC1 of everyone freight, Ian Wainwright, 11 years at TFL for his last speech, ‘If I had one wish, I would ban the perception delivery is free.’ Ian went on to outline the structure of the freight team at TFL who held over sixty five years of sector specific experience.

Mike Brown key note, ‘The mayor wants cleaner & greener, reduced congestion with improved road safety. This is what I will deliver for the mayor, I want your input to achieve this.’ Mike Brown spoke about Ian wainwright, today his last speech after eleven years at TFL. Ian Wainwright, swansong speech, ‘We launched LoCity in January and already have over six hundred organisations on board. Manchester & Coventry are following LoCity. If I had one wish, I would ban the perception that delivery is free.’

The full house event was interactive and intense, loaded with logistics can do solutions. Andrew Lowery TNT, ‘We need data sharing to see real time activity on the roads.’ Erica Ballantyne, ‘The future, drones, Amazon deliveries, cycle freight, we need better use.’ Carl Lomas, ‘There needs to be education for end users on the carbon cost of deliveries. ’Denise Beedell FSB, ‘ Small business can not be 24 hours and take out of hours deliveries.’

With round table workshops focused on transport strategy for the new Mayor, Ben Plouden rounded up the day of energy. ‘Safety and air quality, it’s important to respond to consultations. Today we have seen six themes. 1 Change (Brexit & a new mayor) 2 Consistency (across London boroughs and across the UK) (TfGM Helen Smith was in attendance for Manchester) 3 Economic input of freight. 4 Strategic framework (context of freight in whole economy) 5 Impact on new innovations (technology drones, customer expectations) 6 Partnerships (local and regional)

2016 news oct tfl freight mike brown keynote
Mike Brown TFL boss delivers key note speech for 13th freight forum, Oct 2016


2016 news oct tfl freight andrew lowery

Andrew Lowery TNT, ‘ We need data sharing to see real time road activity.’
2016 news oct tfl freight erica ballantyne
Dr Erica Ballantyne, Sheffield University, ‘The future, drones, consolidation, we need to make better use.’
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