TfGM success in freight group launch - Manchester

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Helen Smith launched TfGM freight group,

IMHX at the NEC, rail, tram and feet to make a multi-modal shift from Birmingham to  Manchester. Consultants talking shop, a cracking lunch and then real business with a focused sector-specific set of round tables to make change inside the Northern Powerhouse. Parking, planning, customer education and clean air topped the bill.



TfGM has nearly 800 staff and only two dedicated to freight, the passenger-centric team have launched a freight group headed up by Helen Smith who has a clear passion for the sector.

Helen Smith TfGM,

It’s time to deliver a freight strategy. Road is clearly the dominant mode but we must not act in isolation. Our aim is to develop some real deliverable solutions in Greater Manchester.


Big guns turned to open, Manchester Mayor Tony Lloyd was first to address the TfGM freight launch,

The Duke of Bridgewater built the first canal in Manchester, we had the first railway to Liverpool, we have the Manchester Ship canal and our airport is the second largest for freight after Heathrow. Freight matters enormously in this region. Manchester is growing in city & conurbation. We have a problem with clean air and we must get this right, we need a balance between all users from pedestrians to heavy truck. I want to see a sustainable future for freight in Manchester.

Darren Kirkman spoke for Transport for the North about a Matt McDonald consultancy study with Unipart to create a 3 phase baseline multimodal strategy for the North of England, a first pan-region strategy. Darren was the first to mention LEPs as he talked strategy across geographic for the north.

2016 news sep tfgm forum mersey ports

Helen Smith TfGM,

A thank-you to all who have made this launch possible. It's time to deliver a freight strategy. This freight forum will form a delivery for the strategy. Road is clearly the dominant mode but we must not act in isolation. This forum working together to identify a drive forward for sustainable solutions. Our aim is to develop some real deliverable solutions in Greater Manchester.

Working groups at the round tables set about a vision for deliverable strategy.

Helen Smith appointed IOC Carl Lomas to chair an Urban deliveries group.

An exploding sub-sector of logistics, courier and mail tops 28% of the sector, e-retail deliveries forecast to double in five years. Van sales have gone through the roof with over four million vans on today's roads.

2016 news sep tfgm forum helen smith carl lomas


e-retail is exploding, urban deliveries are not all about vans - we must recognise what low emissions are and work towards clean air solutions for all. End point delivery must recognise the carbon cost of urgency. Training is as important as technology to drive green

A UK Mail truck was outside in front of a Pallex artic, both parked on the pavement across yellow lines in the narrow street where they were making urgent deliveries. TfGM Urban Deliveries group had spread across food, construction, final mile and express, as well as modes from cycle to heavy truck. Sustainable success for deliverables was detailed at  the table.

Helen Smith closed on four points to address. ‘Parking & PCNs – Planning for access and delivery – We need to get Highways agencies more involved – Customers need education on the real cost of urgency in deliveries’

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