TfL Freight Forum - March 18th 2016

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Ian Wainwright delivers the detail at TfL freight forum Ian Wainwright delivers the detail at TfL freight forum

TfL Commissioner Mike Brown opened the 2016 Freight Forum

I want to work collaboratively with you. Enjoy the 'Streets Ahead' exhibition in the room. Put LoCity Conference - May 26th - in your diary...


Ian Wainwright then spoke about the continuing TfL action plans, up to and beyond the London Mayoral election.



The influence of the mayoral candidates does not change the process of working with the local community to increase the safety of the working streets. The cycle highways are a success but TfL is continually aware of the value of sharing knowledge and 'putting our money where our mouth is'.  TfL has invested in 30 new, safer, low door panel vehicles, retrofitted 21,000 vehicles and published the construction consolidation directory which TfL sees as a gateway for information.

One project on the horizon is to understand the detail of van deliveries within London by a deeper analysis of what the vans do within the city and the benefits of these deliveries for the city. The same goes in the area of 'land vs freight demand' as we seek to understand the balance for the better use of land.

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