A last-mile edge to beat our enemy

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Maj General David Shouesmith speaking at the RLC Foundation launch event 2016 Maj General David Shouesmith speaking at the RLC Foundation launch event 2016

IOC chairman Carl Lomas reports on the Royal Logistics Corps Foundation Launch at TfL March 2016.

What is more important, speed or reliability? Maj Gen Angus Fay talked about the valley of death between concept and capability. ‘We need last mile edge to beat our enemy.’ ‘A single data platform for everything logistics would be a game changer!’



In a full house of military meets private sector, Maj General David Shouesmith opened the RLC foundation launch in the offices of Transport for London, eight folk, a mix of private sector, military and academic logistics experts. General Shouesmith, ‘Increasing integration between corporate and military logistics will bring mutual benefit to both parties. RLC have contributed to the foundation and await the private sector to invest. ‘

Alan Bristow, TfL director for road space management delivered a key note private sector view. ‘The supply chain demand in London is around volatility, complexity and demand. Dealing with the pipeline of traffic flow to support supply and demand is about big data. Visualising the data is key. We have clever mathematicians working on complex statistics and modelling to aid road space and flow speeds in real time. The cycle scoot project is analysing cycle numbers at junctions to further integrate flow patterns. This integration should extend into ibus and deliver an intelligent best flow without human intervention updated every fifteen minutes. Presently all data builds into out TfL Playbook, we have up to 80 layers of detail and each layer is made the responsibility of an individual who is the owner. There are 26 geographic corridors. We used this for the Olympics, TFL Traffic news has 550 thousand followers but the next step will be to make this big data available to all, this will be as soon as April. From there we hope apps will be made to best process the big data for views appropriate to multiples of users.

2016 news mar tfl alan bristow rlc launch

TfL Director Alan Bristow talks big data logistics to RLC army foundation.

Major General Angus Fay, Assistant chief of defence staff, (logistics), ‘Concept and capability, the valley of death. We need a last mile edge to beat our enemy. The General talked about 26 operations over 30 countries, road air and sea. Pressure on logistics as deployable forces moved from 30thousand to 50 fifty thousand. Migration pressure on boarders is our biggest challenge as numbers multiply ten times in 12 months. 3d printing and autonomous delivery is coming. Technology is modernising and we need a single platform with everything on it, that is the game changer.’ The General asked for private sector advice on RFID solutions. What is more important, Speed or reliability? Talking about training, ’green training’ in the army, are there options for green to take a 3 month placement in the private sector to see logistics operations outside the green environment of military?

2016 news mar major general angus fay rlc launch

Major General Angus Fay, Assistant Chief of Defence Staff, (Logistics Operations)
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