Army reserves warehouse to wheels step for heavy vehicle licence

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Carl Lomas Institute of Couriers with Officer Commanding, Major Gifford who presented a 13 year reserves service medal to logistics soldier, Private Freewater at the event.  Pictured with Staff Sargent John Rock in front of a six ton MAN 4X4 SV.


RLC Southall presentation 13 years service to Private Freshwater Royal Logistics Corps.  IOC Chairman Carl Lomas was at the London showcase day for reserve Royal Logistics Corps 562 Squadron and learned about a licence route for heavy vehicles that gives a step from warehouse to wheels.




Carl commented, ‘The open day has highlighted an exceptional route to wheels, an individual who joins the reserves can find access to a full heavy vehicle licence , a future driver can be trained and tested in the army reserves, that individual can then use the licence in civilian work. This is a great step for a warehouse or logistics worker to find a pathway to their heavy vehicle licence and step from warehouse to wheels in the work environment. This comes at a time when our industry is facing a huge driver workforce shortage. Private Freewater had taken his licence in the army in this same way, well done him. Jobs are waiting in our logistics sector for qualified drivers and the reserve forces route looks a great way of getting the licence’

562 based at Hayes Bridge Southall, Heathrow to the West, Central London to the East. The Squadron opened their doors to the public during the weekend end of September and focused on showcasing logistics from warehouse loaders to heavy four wheel drive MAN SV Service vehicles. Guests were treated to an army rations beef curry lunch before  a full tour of everything logistics. Army logistics, RLC have nominations for the national courier awards, both reserves and regular, the event is a gala dinner celebration evening Oct 27.

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