First answers from Multimodal 2024

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What do Logisticians think of our express sector?

IOC first narrative answers from Multimodal 2024 at the NEC.

IOC asking 'what do logisticians think of our sector of express?'

A single word to define delivery - reliability.

Epic research success with over 600 visions of delivery to door.



Multimodal guests were asked by IOC to define ‘what is delivery reliability?’ The most profound answer was a single word, ‘Life’

Without doubt, Multimodal NEC trade show has become the must-attend trade show for express logistics; NEC packed to busting, broad exhibitor platform, excellent seminars across all modes from road, rail, and air.

Carl Lomas & Dr Tracey Worth took the opportunity to ask road rail and air what they thought of delivery to door sector in a huge 600 iPad interview question set supported by Univ West London.

Missed the show? IOC have an exclusive photo tour, of course.


The first narrative answers to three key questions of sector

IOC used Multimodal to ask the logistics trade show visitors what they thought of our express sector delivery to door. Over 600 iPad question survey interviews completed across the three days. Answers across mode for road, rail, air and sea. Everyone rewarded with an iconic Curly Wurly bar thank-you for their input. IOC team, with support from Universities, West London, Bath & Derby, used the three days to ask vision on multi-channel return options, consolidation & sustainability to door, time slot, returns, safe leave.

Example of a top-level narrative answer – ‘Online retailing has become the lazy shopping option which demands far too much from the logistics industry and world resources.’

The numbers and answers are being crunched and reported for IOC fellows and members to build the 2030 transport vision document. The Multimodal 2024 IOC survey is expected to be one of the most enlightening reports for sector this year. It’s now the second year of longitudinal research; it will be compared with last year's answers to review a pattern of vision for change in transport logistics. Not just numbers, a spot set of narrative questions were asked and documents opinions across the three days, capturing senior logisticians views on specific express focus.

IOC helping understand the sector issues with 3 key headline questions

Headline questions asked of logistics visitors,

‘What does delivery reliability mean to you?

‘What are your key logistics challenges today?’

‘What is your most important KPI?’


The top ten answers

IOC helping understand the sector issues with 3 key headline questions.

Headline questions asked to logistics visitors across three days, three questions, a single question delivered to a single logistician, top ten answers listed, paper based collection.


Q1 ‘What does delivery reliability mean to you?’

Top ten answers

‘Commercial win - Sustainable Supply Chain’ Karen GXO

‘Meeting expectation – clear to customer’ John NWS

‘Life’ Barry DBS Manchester

‘On time s promised’ Alan Huboo

‘On time – trackable – correct’ Mathew DHL

‘Reputational – the same delivery person every-time’ alex

‘Expectation managed’ Michel

‘Great communication’ Ocean logistics

‘Available and on-time’ Vini Aldi

‘Personal touch’ Madison

Q2 - ‘What are your key logistics challenges today?’

Top ten answers

‘Dealing with customer feedback’ Stuart Onit Logistics

‘Political uncertainty’ Dan

‘Communication between vendor and supply-chain’

‘BtoB out of hours’

‘Information awareness & upskilling’

‘Sustainability – cost of quality’

‘CO2 reduction’ Ryan

‘Building relationships across boarders’

‘Fluctuating freight rates’

‘Volatile networks’

Q3 - ‘What is your most important KPI?’

Top ten answers

‘On time collection number’ Jutin

‘Delivery success not attempted’ Bryan

’On time delivery number’ Paul Nestle

‘Customer satisfaction’ Michael

‘OTIF On time in full’

‘Transit time’

‘Actual arrival on time’

‘Numbers on the transport board’

‘Service level KPI Target’

‘Scanning success