Varamis summer rail deal

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Multimodal eco London to Birmingham.

Fifteen pounds a cage starting immediately.



Phil Read was at Mutimodal promoting the National Courier Award-winning multi-modal road to rail, parcel cage shift from London to Birmingham during this summer's Euros football tournament.


Phil explains, ‘Our Head of Logistics, Ben Soames, is driving the offer. In the spirit of all things summer and the prospects of England and Scotland’s march through the Euro’s Varamis Rail have decided to have a flash sale across all our new and established trunking routes.’

A buy in / book in period at £15.00 per cage starting on immediately with the deal (routes) commencing 14/06/24, we are offering you the chance to ship freight from: Birmingham to Glasgow twice nightly Monday to Friday, per return trip with an optional northbound stop at Carlisle.

Birmingham to Central London (Liverpool Street Station) nightly Monday to Friday, per return trip.

Ben Soames explains the detail, ‘The shipping period will last in conjunction with the Euros from the 14/06/24 – 14/07/24. The price per cage will be fixed at £15.00, per individual route and will include any cage repatriation. We would need a minimum input of 10 cages per night. Once that period expires, we would then like to talk to you about committing to a further period at £25.00 per cage into London and £35.00 per cage up to Glasgow, both from our Birmingham hub. We see this as a perfect opportunity for you to trial and experience the Varamis Rail network and bring a cleaner, greener sustainable solution to your current network.’ This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.