Institute of Couriers full house for Q2 Heads of Industry

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The proven format of lunch with network and natter preceded a formidable agenda.

Cargo Bike group launch - Three govt depts & a region, DVSA DWP, DEFRA & TfL

Moby showcased cargo trolley bike.

Extra chairs and still standing-room only; packed with fellows from same-day and next-day, national and regional, mail, parcel and food final mile all in the mix.

Free of charge to Fellows, reputation of standing-room only, three hundred thousand vans represented at table. The  quarterly round table was no exception. A red hot agenda with breadth, covering knowledge skills and behaviour on final mile delivery to door. Opening introductions triggered a whiteboard of challenge in final mile, and yes, Peak planning is well underway. Same day from Manchester DBS to HBC at Biggleswade, GLH in London, National next day from DPD, Evri FedEx, Royal Mail all amongst the mix, fulfilment from Huboo, food final mile included Ocado.

The IOC quarterly round table agenda was a mix of government, compliance and best practice, Met flying squad were at the table to talk van driver attack data. Breadth across challenges from HGV DCPC deadlines in Sept to menopause impact in the workforce, Clean Air Zones and land space for charging infrastructure to vision zero vehicle safety.

The IOC round table was again hosted at Guildhall by City of London Corporation team Vince Dignam with a VIP visit from Alderman, road safety chair Alison Gowman. It was outside too, there was a Moby Cargo trolley featuring an assisted articulated courier cycle for hands-on , touch & feel.

Adding to the agenda, May 21st marked a very special national group launch – preceding the round table a new sub-chair, Alan Dickinson from Evri announced the launch of the IOC National Cargo Bike Group. He asked fellows to put forward members for the first meeting July 2nd, virtual at eleven. Alan then introduced two keynotes on cycle and light category detail. Bicycle Association Peter Elland keynote on present cargo bike regs – MCIA L-Cat detail by Tony Campbell MCIA.

The agenda was red hot - DEFRA CAZ update by Lyndsey Cracknel. DVSA update by Liz Heaton – a DWP lens on West London region recruitment by Olivia Hargadon - Chris Floyd introduce a Vision Zero road traffic keynote by London Met Police, Insp Alexis Manley - Dr Theodora Kalentzi, Medical Prime menopause clinic keynote, 'Menopause and the Express logistics Workplace.' – Security attack update introduced by Andy Magromallis from Superintendent Patrick Holdaway City Police, Flying squad detail van driver attack issues and the need for communication. Stephen Man from TfL London Places, spoke property availability for logistics EV infrastructure in London. The final fellows network and natter was energetic and driven with a lens for planning of Peak.

The Agenda was red hot – Cargo bike to national business network model. Met Police road safety to City of London parcel attack security by the Flying Squad.

IOC round table meeting room one, Guildhall City of London,

The keynote headlines

IOC May heads of industry Agenda headlines.

IOC News One reported IOC chair, Carl Lomas MBE , IOC CEO Dr Tracey Worth & Alderman Alison Gowman, chair of London road safety group launching IOC Cargo Bike group, announcing the inaugural chair Alan Dickinson from Evri

Chairs introductions by Carl Lomas MBE, Fellows delivered the challenge issues and talked planning for Peak.

Challenge headlines included volatile costs, customer experience topped the bill, with insurance reported up as much as 35%. On the tarmac, road network, congestion, access and repair in the discussions. Vehicle talk spanned vans to cargo bikes, van availability, regulation and compliance. Everything alternative fuel was on the agenda, O licence derogation 3.5t 4.25t discussion and the business model of stepping from diesel. Much talk of worker status employment models. Security remained key at final mile and focus on fraud.

CEO - the year ahead by Dr Tracey Worth.

Fellows asked to set the dates, next heads of industry is Sept 17, National Courier Awards is October 22nd, sub groups were detailed for education and security, first meeting of the new cargo bike group is July 2nd at eleven, virtual.

Launch of Cargo Bike group keynote speakers

Peter Eland from the Bicycle Association (the UK cycle industry trade association) outline of the current rules and regulations which apply to cargo cycles in the UK.

MCIA boss Tony Campbell clarified the L Category regulations for light vehicles.

Powered two, three and light 4 wheel, scooters, motorcycles, trikes and quadracycles, it’s a very complex compliance area. There are both licence and regulation issues, power to weight ratio, speed limited, dimensions and weight all play a part. Tony spoke L1 to L7 and explained licence requirement, adding regulation need for helmet. There is no legal requirement to use a helmet on a trike, three wheeler vehicle. If you passed your car test before 2013 you can drive almost any L cat with no further training. MCIA offered to support regulation 6 advice for the new IOC cargo bike group. ‘A licence to net zero.’ Tony reviewed Govt view of policy for L cat sector, Govt is supportive and sees last mile solution for clean air in this sector. MCIA have welcomed E-Bike regulation with Govt consultation and reinforced their offer to support IOC and the new National Cargo Bike group.

Alan Dickinson, chair IOC Cargo bike group, ‘a call for members, first virtual will be July 2nd at eleven.

Fellows are asked to send their member attending emails to


Vison Zero for Road Safety in Final Mile

‘First RTA was Bridget Driscol at 4mph’

Road Safety IoC group chair Chris Floyd introduced Met Police Inspector Alexis Manley to talk Vision Zero for London road safety

Chris Floyd introduced road safety with a lens on the first traffic accident,’ Bridget Driscol’, the first road traffic accident took place at 4mph - (Next IOC road safety group meeting June 2pm 18th)

Met Inspector Alexis Manley keynote on Road Traffic Vision Zero. A route to road safety, questions and discussions on drink and drugs, ask us for tool box talk on commercial vehicle. Numbers completing the year are expected to be below 100 fatal collisions in London for the first time in ten years. We do courier safe course, please get in touch with us. I have a plea, we need your eyes in ears on the road. Community road watch is done by you on the road side, we need community volunteers, social and business interaction, I would be delighted to hear from the iOC fellows for help in Community Road Watch.



Dr Theodora Kalentzi, Medical Prime menopause clinic 'Menopause and the Express logistics Workplace.'

Dr Theodora began her keynote with the breadth of age, ‘Age impact is wide, while typical issues are on average at 51, we have records between 22 and 87. It matters to us, as employers must have the correct discussion in the workplace. There are over 4.3 million women in UK employment between 45 and 60. Most women will experience more than one symptom of the menopause. Many women feel embarrassment and stigma. There is difficulty in the discussion of the topic with employers. HR have seen increasing cases, I have often been approached as an expert for employers. Poor concentration, poor memory, tiredness, feeling low, anxiety and panic attacks are all symptoms that may occur daily. This can be debilitating in the workplace. Some women may take their own steps, they move part time, this will be a loss of valuable resource. There is a great concern that the matter will not be taken seriously. Today is a great compact session to bring this in to our lens as managers in express. You can look at work support opportunities. Women who are drivers feel at more risk during a difficult day. Changing space and quiet space is very important in the office environment. Do you have a fridge available in the control room? Cold drink and water is a must and often overlooked. Breaks and space are key, discussions build in the corridor, do not undervalue that communication space.’ ‘Do some risk assessment, have you got a policy in place? specialists are out there to help.’

Web site link. This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.



Three Govt depts and a regional body

‘DEFRA Clea Air Zone update Lindsay Cracknel, an overview of green choices to reduce NO2 emissions

A geographic review, a mention on Manchester.’ Lindsay spoke briefly on the annual report produced last week, delivered the link for detail. First CAZ was launched mid 2021 in centre of pandemic. Impact change has been a challenge to compare to pre-pandemic. Evaluation of NO2 plans, 2022 LGVs, more vehicles today are compliant, in Portsmouth the LGV fleet remains unchanged but the HGV compliance has made impact in heavy weights. Encouraging signs, Weekly NO2 per vehicle is falling – This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

DVSA update by Liz Heaton & Bob Hannigan

We look after Driver CPC, we are part of driver services group, we look after driver training. Earlier this week Govt have begun draft changes to DCPC, national DCPC qual to sit alongside existing material, it will be UK only, UK drivers still have to do 35 hours each five years, rotation is this Sept.’ Bob went on to talk about future automation and present systems. We have an event June 11th looking at enforcement for van driver safety.


2024 news may heads of industry q2 04

DVSA Liz Heaton and Bob Hannigan


DWP region Olivia Hargadon & Theresa Wootten update for west London & national logistics recruitment at the IOC May, heads of industry

Olivia, ‘I am here at the IOC round table to give a clear view of engaging with the Job Centre, Tracey was on hand to talk national recruitment across more than one site. We have more than 200 vacancies on today for Royal Mail in final mile. Olivia explained London and Essex, East London, clusters and regions and how to contact for best communication of vacancies.

In terms of logistics we have Heathrow in West London so a big push on logistics. You can self-serve with vacancies on line at the Job Centre. We have job fairs available nationally and locally for the IOC fellows to engage and recruit couriers. You are never worse off in work, Universal Credit has changed and is supportive. Employers can advertise directly on Advertise a job - GOV.UK ( IOC fellows may find the attached link on u-tube videos helpful in setting up an account to advertise directly Find a job service - Employer help - YouTube

For vacancies anywhere in the country they can contact Theresa directly on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and she will arrange for them to be handled.


2024 news may heads of industry q2 05

IOC chair Carl Lomas with DWP, Job Centre national recruitment team, Olivia Hargadon and Theresa Wootten.


Parcel driver attack security – Andy Magromallis set a vibrant intro by DCI Laura Hillier Met central crime-specialist crime, flying squad east & Kelly Schonhage

Andy explained the golden hour, the importance of a blue light response, stopping the thieves getting away.

Kelly Schonhage, flying Squad, ‘We want the best possible intelligence on organised crime groups for theft fro vehicle, we expect to see an increase in incidents on the run to Christmas and Peak.’ The DI spoke geographic hot spot and use of weapons. ‘We are piecing the organised group data together to be ready with understanding, times of incidents and locations, we need a better relationship with your sector and welcome a service level agreement of communication with the Inst of couriers. We want the driver information, getting the report asap from the incident. We will get a blue light out if the intelligence signposts the need. We are aware express companies vary in size and impact. We do not want to see an increase trend of incidents continue. You need to prepare.’

Andy thanked the full picture vision of the flying squad interaction with the express courier sector. Next IOC security group virtual is 10am June 19th – the sub group is open to fellows putting forward members of the team. The ask to join is strong, call Dr Tracey Worth.



TfL, Stephen Mann – Places for London – EV hub sites in London

Stephen Mann, ‘People need confidence space is available.’ Places for London, the TfL property company will be entering into a joint venture later this year to deliver a series of EV Ultra-Rapid Charging Hubs across London with a focus on supporting high-mileage drivers such as freight and logistics. Starting with an initial five sites they intend to scale up to deliver at least 65 sites over the thirty year lifespan of the JV. Initially focusing on TfL land, we are looking across the wider public sector to help create a comprehensive network around London.

For more information please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


2024 news may heads of industry q2 06

Shared Spaces Joint Venture Stephen Mann