FedEx, Top Volunteer for Europe is Atherstone-based

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Steve Miller, Manager Continuous Improvement & Service Tower, Atherstone, has been anouced as one of Europe's top FedEx Cares volunteers.

Steve joined FedEx as part of TNT and has 30 years of combined experience with the company. He enjoys volunteering outdoors, particularly in activities that benefit the local area in which he lives.

Steve’s passion for woodland management and environmental conservation began about 10 years ago with helping his community, which historically relied on coal, transform into the national forest it is today.

He spends most weekends during the autumn and winter months practicing woodland management activities. Steve’s contributions give him a chance to make a difference for the wider community that he has seen change for the better during his life.

FedEx Cares is a great opportunity to do volunteering. It makes you feel good to be doing some good for your local community, however big or small the effort.