MOBY showcase power parcel trolley bike

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Logistics 2030 Vision event – EV clean air final mile.

IOC Carl Lomas and Dr Tracey Worth were with Harry Macey from MOBY at the West London Logistics future 2030 event to see the very latest power parcel trolley. The event, hosted by West Thames College, was in logistics hot-spot territory of Heathrow.

Harry demonstrated the trolley to the employer operator group; the new e-trailer is a new product that can be used for last mile deliveries within cities. The trailer is able to be walked as well as cycled for deliveries. Harry demonstrated how you can detach the trailer from the bike and then walk the final part of the delivery. This ideally suits high density drop areas, where it’s inefficient to start and stop many times in a vehicle.

The RFID security features were demonstrated to the group, showing how packages remain secure during the delivery process. Due to the auto-locking and RFID card activation, human error situations that can occur when making deliveries are limited.