DfT Future Freight people and skills group Feb 6th 2024

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Four workstreams influencing change in education for freight.

Apprentice week – Express Managers sign up for UWL.

DfT Future of freight, People and skills delivery group was a busy virtual meeting hosted on line in the heart of Apprentice Week.

Inst of Couriers raised the great news that a bumper sign-up for Degree Apprentice managers were signed up this week with University of West London for the level six Express Logistics Manager course.

DfT Laura Marquis opened a busy virtual screen of transport members, third meeting of the group, working toward agreed actions in the work programme. Reporting to DfT Freight Council agenda focused on Apprentice Week.

Alex Green, Looking at the deliverables in the next year. Opening with a recap on the four work-streams, making a difference for the sector. Work-stream One, analysing training demand and supply with a future skills assessment. Two, Encouraging a diverse work force. Three monitoring workforce trends, keeping data trends up to date on education shortages. Fourth, wider action for collective influencing between industry and govt, developing a narrative on existing policy and driving change, labour market wide change.