IOC Fellows make Viking visit

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Fellows visit express sortation for masterclass with Simon Allan Brookes at Viking.

Express sortation excellence in Stationery.

A-frame sorter – automatic box cutter for perfect volume every time.

Simon Allan Brookes met Inst of Couriers fellows, who were in the East Midlands, Logistics Golden Triangle for a stationery supply chain sortation masterclass. Preparing complex supply chain for final mile express delivery to door.

IOC were treated to Stationery sorted par excellence at the Leicester hub of Viking. Supply chain of all things stationery showcased from inbound goods to packed and sorted outbound stationery orders for final mile. A highly automated roller-based system delivered goods from a complex supply chain, packed and boxed and placed in final stationery orders for final mile to express delivery to the door.

Fellows walked the green road of visitors path in Viking orange visitor high vis with IOC chair Carl Lomas and Dr Tracey Worth to experience the blended mix of express sortation to final mile in stationery, a diverse range of goods from office furniture to paper clips and supplies include tea coffee and toilet rolls.

The green road walk moved from trailer delivered inbound goods to fully sorted final box in postcode load areas for outbound trailers to final mile partners.

A visit starting at the box making machine, following the sort line between rollers, spirals and belt turns. Starting at racks of goods, large and small. A spillage area training section. A unique A-frame sorter for small items delivered from roller belts to box. Pick to light blended automation, numbered to multiples of goods for sort. Tote box automation alongside large item hand sort that remained in supplier packaging.

Making the stationery box perfect. A specialist box making machine to tailor custom volume with box trimming system for final fill. An exact box match to order.

Rollers to chute, down side by side spiral belts to the outbound shed section, palletised to perfection balance space void to a minimum on to custom size stationery order boxes. Then by geographic town code and postcode headers for a final book lift to outbound trailer on regional locations for final mile express to door.

Take an exclusive photo tour of the Viking sortation systems.

2023 news nov viking sortation visit 02

IOC fellows on the Viking sortation system walkway.