TfL - Improvements in commercial route planning and routing in Greater London

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TfL Richard Sylvester, ‘Do freight drivers plan their routes?’

Inst Of Couriers, Carl Lomas said. ‘Yes, express logistics plans routes to every level, even the order of packages on the vehicle is optimised. During the Olympics our sector had great input from TfL on road works and incidents for the route network, this was very beneficial to roads movement.’

TfL are investigating process to improve route planning in a step to make London road movement easier. Richard Sylvester responsible for TfL road network, based at the network roads control centre is looking for your freight movement data on London roads. His specific remit to deliver TfL Freight Plan improvement to route. Reliability of the route network is key. TfL undertook work with freight sector to look at timing on signals. Our main focus is HGV, and the HGV focus is on bridge strikes. Truck bridge strikes impact the road network heavily. There are 12 tunnels on the TfL network and they cause substantial issue to network when impacted. 18 vehicles a day presently exceed the weight limit on Tower Bridge, most common driver answer is ‘I was following the sat nav.’

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85 thousand pounds of funding has been set aside for stage one of the project. Richard explained he wants to speak to fifteen managers and then some truck stop talks with drivers. 2CV are undertaking the paid research. ‘There has been little research on route data, technology has moved on, road data is much more available, we want to look at current answers. Stage two of the research will look at route planning, stage three will look at real time data.

If you wish to be involved in the research call the IOC for a connection to Richard Silvester at TfL