Inst of Couriers Chair, Lomas – London to Paris for Transaid – 30-year-old courier bicycle

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Inst of Couriers Chair, Lomas Completes second London to Paris.

Raising funds for Transaid, Rain storm to sunshine in five day solo cycle on a 30 year old courier bicycle.

Marking Silver Jubilee special year for Transaid, Lomas Celebrates 5 day solo challenge at Eiffel Tower

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Institute of Couriers Chair Carl Lomas was back in the saddle for a second Transaid transport charity London to Paris challenge success, repeating his shirt and tie signature with a solo cycle to celebrate with wheels in the air at the Eifel Tower..

Marking the special silver jubilee year of the transport charity, Lomas added a route variation. Following his previous Newhaven to Dieppe Rouen route he separated from the Transaid team to go solo and deliver on the Dover Calais Amiens direction. This left him self supporting, making his challenge win a true final mile delivery. Stepping into the route variation left him single handed, carrying his own tool pack, puncture repair kit and all in a trusty Microlise back pack loaded with rain coat, snacks, energy drinks and five pairs of dry socks,

Lomas committed to raising the profile of the Transaid transport charity in the final mile, last mile sector with operator engagement. The endeavour began with an Inst of Couriers, fellows send away in the City of London, Alderman Alison Gowman saw Lomas out of the City as he crossed the river at Tower Bridge for cycle to the Soth Downs and Dover. National and regional courier brands followed Lomas on the Institute of Couriers web updates during the five day solo cycle through rain storms and sunshine. >From raincoat to high vis delivery but always in his livery tie of the Carmen.

The solo attempt was conceived for the very special year of Transaid marking a quarter of a century since its formation by Save the Children, Its Patron, Past Master livery Carmen, Her Royal Highness The Princess Royal inspired Lomas to don his Carmen livery tie. For Lomas this was his second London to Paris pedal cycle challenge in aid of Transaid. As a freeman of the city of London he started from the square mile, wore his livery tie and as chairman of the Institute of couriers chose a thirty year old delivery bicycle. Self supporting with his own tool kit as a delivery courier does each and every day of their courier work.

City of London, fellows of the Institute of Couriers waved him away from the heads of industry round table on Sept 19th . Alison Gowman Road Safety guru, City Alderman saw Lomas out of Guildhall Yard. Next stop Tower Bridge for a South side route across the South Downs for dover and the Calais ferry.

Watched by the final mile delivery to door transport sector, Lomas built a time delay run of selfy photos on the wrong side of the road. The most clicked image was on the D1001 closing Breteuill centre where he was lucky to capture a 2CV French Citroën in the phone snap.

Lomas is back on the roads for Transaid in April where he has been awarded a ballot entry for the London Marathon.


2023 news sep l2p 06

Most popular download photo time delay sanp on the wrong side of the road D1001 with the 2CV Citroën carsat Breteuil


 2023 news sep l2p 00

IOC fellows photo launch from London 


2023 news sep l2p 01

No brollies yet - Alderman Alison Gowman sees Lomas out of Guildhall Yard


2023 news sep l2p 02

Grey sky and black rain coat for Lomas at Tower Bridge heading South London and the A2


2023 news sep l2p 03

Lomas at Dover in high vis for port control


2023 news sep l2p 04

Lomas docks Calais in truck lane heading south for Amiens


2023 news sep l2p 05

Lomas arrives Amiens, sunshine high vis and Carmen livery tie still on!


2023 news sep l2p 07



Lomas chose a thirty year old London courier cycle, refurbished by Condor Cycles of Grays Inn Road the mixed carbon frame TVT was revolutionary in its day, kitted with Campagnola, Delta brake, it had a very low gear set for time in the traffic, making uphill a whole lot easier. Double juice bottles and twist clip pedals with soft cycle shoes that were easy to walk in, covered by a Bell safety helmet.

Ionic photo at the Eiffel Tower saw the iconic thirty year old bicycle in the air for Lomas. Lomas comments, ‘This is a great chance to deliver the final mile for Transaid, I am wearing the Carmen livery tie for Transaid patron HRH Princess Anne.’

During these 25 years Transaid has delivered life-saving work with partners and governments in more than 20 countries across predominantly sub-Saharan Africa, empowering people to build the skills they need to transform their lives – with a focus on improving road safety and increasing access to healthcare for rural communities. Florence Bearman, Acting Co-Chief Executive of Transaid, says: “The transport and logistics industry has always demonstrated tremendous support for Transaid, and so naturally we want to celebrate our special anniversary together, and ensure we have more impact than ever for this landmark year.

Its not too late to support Lomas on the London to Paris Transaid, Make a ten pound donation on Just Giving.