DfT Future of Freight - People and Skills Delivery group

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Big turnout for Inaugural Meeting.

Inst of Couriers was delighted to attend a new DfT group for future workforce.

Working alongside the Govt DfT freight group, focused on the future of freight plan, it was a great turnout for the new group to champion next generation for people and skills launched July 26th , the Future of Freight, People and Skills Delivery Group, DfE and DWP attending.

Laura Marquis, Dept Director opened with motivation for next generation workforce.

I want this group to be dynamic, action focused and engaged.



IOC offered interaction for wide transport sector to add to career stairway map for future transport workforce.


Find this information on the IOC web here


Alex Green and Georgia Wise DfT looked at transport workforce assessment, introducing the codes of definition for transport, age of workforce is older than average, Much of freight and logistics sector is aged 55 and over, retirement is something for us to think about. Gender, 76% of workforce is male in 2022. HGV workforce code was 88% male. DFE asked for a look at high demand occupations within the definition codes. Alex took a look at vacancies, research so far showed sector not currently meeting recruitment needs, DFT identified recruitment and retention issues including sector image, lack of awareness of sector, lack of diversity with male dominated workforce.

Laura Marquis drew on interventions and steps to address barriers for future workforce and use future skills mapping.

We need to fill key data and evidence gaps on skills, labour, modes, training. We need to identify the most effective interventions to target priority barriers and agree activity to reduce the most significant issues affecting current job shortages. We need to determine scope for a 'future skills mapping' project, to enable us to proactively prepare for the future needs of the sector, to avoid further shortages.


Laura closed with a further push for interaction. The group will meet quarterly, but will not exist in a vacuum, data gaps and pools of expertise should feed into DfT between meetings.

IOC showcased the existing careers map for express delivery covering the express driver apprenticeship.


Find this information on the IOC web here


alongside the express sortation and manager degree options for our future workforce in final mile. Take a look!