Institute of Couriers at Telford for IWLEX logistics trade show 2023

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The eco – sustainable transport show in Telford.

Go green, grow your lanyard.

Fellows natter and network Wednesday May 24th

Dr Tracey Worth keynotes final mile

Sector asks the delivery to door questions.




IWLEX is eco-transport show – Lanyards grow seeds

Grey concrete wins eco carpet


IOC, two days in Telford for the new IWLEX warehouse and logistics show, Full on eco with warehouse life on grey concrete sustainable floors with seeds embedded in the ID lanyards to grow in the garden when logisticians get home.


2023 news may iwlex ioc stand fellows screen 700

Fellows invited to natter and network on Wed May 24th


2023 news may iwlex dr worth keynote 700

Dr Tracey Worth keynotes for final mile at half past two on Wednesday making May 24th


IOC took the brand new trade show opportunity to ask the questions of the final mile, last mile sector. IOC with an academic team led by University of Bath, West London and Derby, presented a four minute questionnaire on preference of home delivery choice. Every one who completed was awarded a Curly Wurly chocolate bar. Take four minutes to complete the survey here


Rainbow of colours for our sector. IOC showcased the classic delivery to door courier motorbike, dressed in colours of the eighties including, Pony Express, Security Despatch, Delta and Mercury.

Telford treat with a broad array of exhibitors from tech to packaging, fork trucks, conveyors to floor matting and roller systems by Knapp, every part of the shed showcased on the grey concrete eco flooring of IWLEX in a must not miss.


Wed is IOC fellows network and natter day.


IOC adding to the exclusive sector visit to the new show presented a lap top tour of the trade stands.


2023 news may iwlex day two stand 03

Classic final mile courier bike at IWLEX with IOC Chair Carl Lomas MBE

2023 news may iwlex seed lanyards 700

 IWLEX super green, eco transport show at Telford – grow your own seed lanyards



2023 news may iwlex day two stand 02

Kemaro K900 robot sweeping up at IWLEX


2023 news may iwlex day two stand 01

IOC collecting the data on final mile questions