Microlise Conference 2023 – UK-wide audience

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‘Welcome to the industry – a resilient industry.

We are here to connect.’

Standing room only – a full house

Yodel take win for driver excellence.



Full room, standing space only, packed to capacity in the Coventry arena for Europe’s largest transport conference event - hosted by Microlise. Dressed in all shades Microlise blue with a red carpet for transport. The must-attend lecture and keynote masterclass for transport did not disappoint for 2023. The pre-evening awards dinner delivered final mile success as Yodel took the win for driver excellence class ahead of big names in the awards including Stobart and Maritime.

The one-day conference spectacularly opened its doors to a transport trade show focused on knowledge for the road. HVS hydrogen truck to Transaid charity ambulance for Africa, electric trucks and vans alongside each other. Take a special exclusive gallery tour below.

The conference, a countdown from 60, music loud. Welcome to the industry, a resilient industry, here to focus on our challenges of transport, Microlise 2023.

Conference proper was hosted by Nicki Shields, presenter of Formula E on Channel Four. Posh coffee charged out to raise funds for Transport charity Transaid.


The three big transport questions at Microlise

Guests interacted by mobile phone to answer the questions. It was a UK-wide audience.


- What is the transport industry's biggest challenge at the moment?

Top three scores went to: Fuel price, Driver shortage and Net zero


- Which tech is the biggest impact on cost?

result, 59% said better planning.


- Which area of transport needs digitalisation most, planning, training, route planning, compliance, telematics or driver hours?

Big answer was planning.



Nadeem Raza, Chief Executive Officer, Microlise spoke passionately,

Reflecting on the last 12 months, fuel price escalating, gas price up, vehicle availability, three prime ministers, today we are faced with inflation and wage rises. And we still have to move goods around the country. I see an industry that is resilient, we should be proud of the work we have done against all the challenges.



Loveday Ryder, (IOC Hon Fellow) delivered the key road figures for DVSA,

KEY FIGURES FROM 2022: KEY AREAS OF FOCUS ‘Make roads safer’.

One in six jobs require a driving licence. Collaborative partnerships with commercial vehicles is key. The important target we have met at DVSA this year is customer satisfaction.’ ‘I want to build the relationship with industry. We have published a 2030 strategy document. Our key challenge is to make roads safer while vehicle numbers grow at a huge rate. We want better interaction digitally - from the garage to the vehicle. Making road transport greener is a key challenge for DVSA.

Loveday further commented on Active England and crossover of ideas.



Mark Cartwright speaking for National Highways,


Most common offence captured has been using the phone at the wheel.

Mark Cartwright, ‘National Highways want to talk.’

Mark took a lens on operation Tramline and the HGV cab as a camera platform.

We have modified HGV cabs, they are an elevated camera platform for the roads. We use them as a strong deterrent effect. The HGV cabs have blue lights, the speed limiter is disabled with 360 degree high res cameras. The police use it as a spotter vehicle. The Tramline truck spots all vehicles, spilt up as: one third cars, one third vans, and a third trucks. ‘They are a deterrent, we like them to be seen, we are happy drivers know where they are and adapt their behaviours to better driving.

Mark showed a video capture of a truck driver filmed using two phones, one in each hand while driving.

We have seen some unusual things on video, a driver with two parrots in the cab, we discovered a Latvian driver having a full plated lunch at the wheel. In the last two years the Tramline HGV cabs have made 32,916 stops. Catching 35,928 offences, more than one offence per stop. Most common offence has been using mobile phones. Operation Peninsula (M5) will bring in eight extra cabs.

Mark stated that it is the dead boring behaviours that are the most fatal, he finished with words on the truck blind spot campaign, ‘look out for each other.’




The morning headline speakers




Audience said decarbonisation needs action now!

Michael Ayres, Flexible Power Systems, Managing Director.

Net zero, electrification and data. We have a tension between commercial vehicles working and the emissions they make.’ Audience question: When does fleet decarbonisation require action? Audience said Now! ‘The elephant in the room is the heavy truck, it needs ten times the energy of a car. My next question is: what fuel are you considering?’ The vote answer was strong for electric with hydrogen a lower second. Discussion followed on bio-methane, We can’t do heavy on biomethane alone. The electric argument is cost. Hydrogen is about fuel cost.’ Battery electric vehicles are todays answer, current UK electricity supply is strong but it’s not always in the right place.




The leading cause of death in young people globally is road crash incidents.

Florence Bearman, Acting Co-Chief Executive, Transaid,

Achieving 25 years with the transport industry, providing safe and sustainable transport across Africa.  The leading cause of death in young people globally is road crash incidents. Florence showcased the deaths on the roads of Africa by standing the audience and sitting them down to mark out the proportion of numbers.




John Bailey, Managing Director, Maritime Transport Ltd, Tim Hartley, Business Development Director, GB Rail Freight Ltd, Andrew B Malcolm, Chief Executive Officer, The Malcolm Group, Phil Smart, Assistant Policy Manager, Rail Freight Group, John Steventon, Global Destination Operations, Wayfair.

Why is transition to rail more important than ever? ‘It brings productivity as loads get moved in more regular pattern, driver moves become more similar, short stem mileage, better for driver. Moving goods high mass to hot spots. Today a third of warehousing is in the east midlands, this works really well with EMG rail head. Since COVID Govt has recognised logistics and its match to rail.


Allison Kemp MBE, IOC fellow, Carmen, AIM Boss – Compliance and CPC update.

DCPC blended learning is on the way.

Allison Kemp spoke passionately on the compliance workshop stage. ‘The purpose of CPC is to increase safe driving and professional standards. With the new proposals we will retain more drivers and bring next generation to the truck wheel. Th e driver CPC updates propose a test element. Seven hours in the class room, e-learning and blended learning is on the way.



Headline photos


2023 news may microlise nadeem raza

Microlise boss, Nadeem Raza opens Microlise 2023 – ‘I see an industry that is resilient, we should be proud of the work we have done against all the challenges.’


2023 news may microlise loveday ryder 700

Loveday Ryder DVSA boss ‘1 in six jobs require a driving licence.’



2023 news may microlise loveday ryder tracey worth 700

IOC CEO, Dr Tracey Worth with DVSA boss Loveday Ryder - Making roads safer




2023 news may microlise mark cartwright 700

National Highways Mark Cartwright speaking HGV Cabs in operation TramLine



2023 news may microlise allison kemp 700

Allison Kemp MBE, IOC fellow and AIM boss spoke driver CPC change and compliance.



2023 news may microlise ashlee field phil martin tracey worth 700

National Highways Ashlee Field with DfT Phil Martin and IOC CEO Dr Tracey Worth



2023 news may microlise driver of the year yodel

Yodel win Microlise driver excellence award for final mile



2023 news may microlise dpd team 700

DPD team at Microlise awards dinner with IOC chair Carl Lomas


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