Express final mile - IOC Heads of Industry Round table - May 9th 2023

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Chaz Wright DVSA by 2030 Chaz Wright DVSA by 2030

National Crime Squad keynote for organised regional crime.

DfT – DVSA, HSE and MCIA in one room for you.

HSE shift pattern best practice to DfT licence weights for EV vans.

A first-hand update on Birmingham rail freight by Ed Clarke.

The Institute of Couriers' round table Heads of Industry was hosted by the Corporation of the City of London in the heart of the Square Mile at Guild Hall Room One. Free of charge to fellows, it was a mouth-watering agenda of Govt depts, national crime and even a fellow's first-hand visit to the new Birmingham, Glasgow rail freight train.

A last minute addition to the agenda by Andy Magromallis turned the round table into one to remember, Sergeant Krystle Heath and PC Christopher Sosna from the Regional Organised Crime Unit talked about the risk of contraband and illegal goods being put through the courier networks by organised crime networks.

Carl Lomas did introductions from SME to National. Addressed the successful dissemination of Operation Golden Orb notes for the Coronation. Rallied fellows to continue to put forward attendees for the IOC expert groups, passionately outlined the IOC entry to the Lord Mayor's Show in November.

Dr Tracey Worth spoke about the success and engagement of the new Express Manager Degree Apprenticeship, students working on final mile KPIs were about to submit their latest Business strategy assignment, focused on hub-and-spoke depot networks.

Tracey highlighted the National Courier Awards on Oct 17th at the new Drapers Hall venue in the City of London and asked for focus on the nominations of our managers and front line final mile teams.


Heads of Industry May 9th


Nina Day HSE spoke best practice in Shift Pattern Wellbeing for express logistics.

Tony Cambell MCIA delivered a summary of two wheel and light vehicle category vehicles available for final mile in the marketplace today.

IOC fellow Ed Clarke has been on the rail from Birmingham to Glasgow and will give us a first hand report of Varamis freight carriages for parcels.

Chair of IOC expert group for clean air, Graham Thomas, introduced City of London Corporation to talk strategy for alternative fuel transport.

DfT, Phil Martin will clarify weight against licence regs for the latest EV vans at 4.25 tonnes.

The event - free to fellows - started with lunch networking of all things final mile, talk of deliveries during Operation Golden Orb over the Coronation weekend.


Full reports follow for Inst of Couriers fellows who were unable to attend.

Set your diary for the next one on Sept 19th 2023.


13.45 Carl Lomas Introductions

13.50 Graham Thomas, IOC clean air group chair to introduce Vince Dignam - City of London Corporation transport policy on zero emission

14.05 Nina Day HSE – Best Practice in Shift Pattern logistics workforce

14.25 Charles Wright, Elizabeth Heaton DVSA – ‘Safe Road Programme’

14.35 IOC fellow Ed Clarke – first hand update on the Birmingham Glasgow freight rail provision

14.45 Tony Cambell MCIA – L Cat & light vehicle opportunities for final mile

15.05 Phil Martin DfT

15.20 Andy Magromallis IOC security group chair

Regional Organised crime Unit , Sergeant Krystle Heath and PC Christopher Sosna


Speaker Gallery

2023 news may hoi 02

Corporation of London intro to clean air in sector


2023 news may hoi 03

Nina Day HSE highlighted delivery history of 28-day, one month to door


2023 news may hoi 04

Tony Campbell MCIA talked availability of light vehicles

2023 news may hoi 05

Ed Clarke reports visit to Birmingham for electric passenger train solution for freight cages to Glasgow