BSc Degree in Express logistics management update

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UWL Express logistics management, apprenticeship degree students UWL Express logistics management, apprenticeship degree students

 We catch up with next generation managers at Univ West London.

Learning the behaviours of an Express logistics Manager



Dr Tracey Worth caught up with the degree apprentices this week and took a look at the syllabus title they are working on. Express management behaviours in final mile.

They have been in tutorials and at the discussion table, evaluating the match between duties faced in final mile and the behaviours they need to deliver. There learning extracts below are a robust vision for our next generation.

‘The successful express logistics manager works in a ‘can do environment’. Therefore, there has to be a mindset, a set of behaviours that the express manager can apply to successfully manage the fast pace, extremely volatile, agile sector of express logistics. When you match the ‘can do’ mindset behaviours, to the duties of the role, a positive behaviour leads to a successful express logistics manager.

Optimistic and understanding are the two key values that describe an express manager with a can do attitude. Optimistic / never give up / be positive / willing to try / proactive mindset. - Understanding / supportive / active listener / be prompt /coaching / target driven / can do.

The express logistics manger should have the mission statement of the brand at their fingertips. Use the mission statement to deliver the grand plan of delivery to the door. The Express Manger must deliver the values for the company – growth / sustainability / loyalty.

The stuff of leadership in final mile. Individual behaviour strengths include personal confidence / financial reward / engagement with customer. The Express Manager, engages positively with colleagues and clients, is creative and innovative.

Positivity is being Optimistic, Open minded, willing and engaging with others. Leadership in express is about team, a team to get the goods from order to door, ‘click to knock.’ The importance of creativity and innovation for the team is to ensure you have a plan in place for problematic situations. Through creative behaviour you are able to find new solutions from past negative, delivery failure experiences and build a positive environment. Innovative behaviour allows you to springboard new fundamental ideas which stem from your creative thesis.