Express Sortation textbook for our front line apprentices

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Latest sortation textbooks in hand, IOC CEO Dr Tracey Worth with Whistl apprentices and CEO Alistair Cochrane Latest sortation textbooks in hand, IOC CEO Dr Tracey Worth with Whistl apprentices and CEO Alistair Cochrane

‘Get your steel toe-caps, gloves and hi-vis; let’s go sorting.’

New year, new textbook - for our final mile sector.

Tracey Worth, IOC CEO explains how the workbook for the apprenticeship leads the learner journey..

The new IOC sortation textbook is a handy A5 size and becomes the property of the candidate. The chapters are in planned learning order of the new twelve month, levy-funded apprenticeship for sortation that is delivered on the job in the express sort environment.

The sector-focused textbook bonds off-the-job training with on-the-job work practice to deliver operator-driven work learning from the book to exit chute. It has been multi-edited by operators and can be easily customised to include your H&S, mission and/or specific practices of sorting. Many operators have contributed to the text; Alistair Cochrane, Whistl boss, wrote the mail and post licencing chapter.

The candidate-friendly textbook starts with the question, ‘What is this thing we call Express?’ Final Mile, last mile, customer promise for 'first time every time' at the door. Chapters then follow the process order of goods arriving for sort - starting behind the trailer safety net, entry on boom, then belt, carousel and sort, auto or hand. Later chapters focus on compliance, working with others and ethos of quality on express logistics. The workbook has interactive sections for candidates to make their own notes on local work practices, there are 'top tip' sections for on-job discussions with the supervisor and even a question set summary to test learner knowledge. Making the workbook universal to different operators, there are learning questions on practices that may vary between stations, depots, and sort sheds. (what’s the policy in your line area on tape for damaged parcels? etc).

The methodology of the workbook relates to all four streams of express logistics - mail, parcel, food, and meal delivery. For parcel, the four size terms are made universal as small, regular, large and oversize. The theme to candidate for the on-the-job workbook is practical and very work-related, ‘Get your steel toe-caps, gloves and hi-vis, let’s go sorting.’ The learning journey builds up with sort priority, goods damage, fault finding and maintenance.

IOC chairman Carl Lomas comments,

The new IOC sortation textbook is a must-have accompaniment for your apprentices.