Active City Network – Transport Strategy in the Square Mile

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Transport hosted by City of London Corporation at Guildhall October 2022

TfL on priority to find cargo cycle exchange space.

Scooter numbers left across city is growing.

IOC with Alderman Allison Gowman who hosted everyone transport at The Guildhall to bring transport stakeholders to review transport strategy for the City of London.

The group target getting representation from people who live and work in the City. Understanding the use of transport for employees and residents in the City. TfL keen to contribute, as was GLA. TfL spoke vision for cargo bike space.

The round table reviewed transport strategy outlook for City of London - A great place to walk, more efficient use of road space, every street accessible to all, safe streets (Vision Zero), more people choosing to cycle, Cleaner air and quieter streets, more efficient freight and servicing, resilient streets, better transport connections.

Cleaner air - TfL talked beyond ULEZ. Working on charge infrastructure. TfL talked priority to find space for cargo bike exchanges, it was noted the Wood Street car park was still undergoing start up issues.

IOC focused on evolving road use - asked about cargo cycle access and cargo cycle replenishment, including the excellent city car park area schemes designed from the Wood Street Amazon car park options.

One key item of distress was the growing number of scooters, Bank junction can be found strewn with scooters that are just left as people step away from them.

The Active City Network group remains a fantastic cross section knowledge exchange with a vision for transport success in the City of London.