Express, final mile, last mile – 52 billion deliveries in 2021

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Four a day to UK doors.

IOC have defined Express, final mile, last mile as four streams: Mail, Parcel, Food and Meal.

The total number of deliveries 2019 was 25 billion items.

Exceptional growth to 40 billion in the lockdown year 2020. 2021 numbers more than double the 2019 number. Its four a deliveries a day to UK households in 2021

How many deliveries do you get to your door?

At the Coventry Arena Intralogistex trade show IOC began an academic survey to ask you about the deliveries to your door.

It takes four minutes on line and asks you how much mail and parcel arrives at your household's door each week - did you move to food delivery at or after lockdown? did your meal takeaway deliveries change with lockdown?

Dr Tracey Worth, ceo IOC,

We are really keen to get your input about your deliveries for a comparison to the UK numbers. The survey takes four minutes, we value your input, it's anonymous and it's important for the sector, please click below to take four minutes and help us understand the data.



Click here to take the 4 min survey

We greatly value your input.



Capacity and pinch points for delivery - we order a pizza at eleven pm, but don’t expect a parcel after daylight

At the recent heads of industry IOC fellows' round table, Chris Floyd outlined the steps to understand the number, a framework of implications of lockdown and population growth. In a deep dive he questioned the credibility of the growth number against door count, density of drop and the four streams of express that delivers 'four a day' to every door in the UK.

A lens on the door - 29 million households, 5 million business doors, around 34 million doorways in the UK. Letters through the door, 2 letters from Royal Mail, one parcel, and a pizza, that’s four a day and gives us 52 billion units a year!

The number will build with population.

The funnel - Bulk-to-single pinch-point - We collect in bulk, we deliver by single item.

The clock pinch-point, we don’t deliver 24 hours a day. We order a pizza late but we don’t expect a parcel at eleven pm. We expect parcels in daylight.


The challenge answers

Where can we drop off out of the daylight hours? Lockers, parcel shops, 24 hour shops. Local delivery centres, lockers on new builds.


The questions are out, the IOC are looking at statistical data on your delivery number to build the academic rigour, it will become a new academic paper for the number of deliveries in Express.


Click here to take the 4 min survey