Absolutely go east for Docklands electric micro-hub

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Stuart Godman talks repurposing car park space for express.



Absolutely boss, IOC fellows Stuart Godman has gone Docklands,

As part of our green expansion strategy, I am excited to announce the opening of our new eco-friendly London East Micro-Hub to serve the thriving business community in, and around, London’s famous Canary Wharf. Residents of Canary Wharf may have recently spotted several of our electric, zero-emission Cargo Bikes zipping around when our team was out and about, getting to know the territory.

Docklands micro hub is part of Absolutely’s London final mile delivery strategy; this is now the fourth London hub, joining Central, North, and West London hubs. As you can see from the photo, they are basing both two and four-wheeled Cargo Bikes at Canary Wharf.

Stuart Godman again...

To give you an idea of their carrying capacity the smaller version can take up to 8 archive boxes and a maximum load of 150kg, while the larger, four-wheeler can accommodate up to 25 archive boxes (that’s a lot of boxes!)


Stuart expands on Repurposing Car Parks.

In many cities across the world, a rise in environmental concerns, congestion charging, better public transport, and car-sharing, has led to reduced demand for car parking space. The pandemic has only reduced this further. Which in turn has encouraged many local authorities and car park owners, to work with urban, final mile operators like Absolutely to find well-located spaces where micro-depots or hubs can be created.