TFL LoCITY – Clean air transport in London Spring virtual meeting

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TfL LoCITY met this week, clean air at the heart of it

A group of operators sharing best practice with top level briefings from TfL.

The spring March meeting rich in operators from van to truck.

Connectivity always a challenge, the first meeting back at real table will be July 7th at Palestra House.

Carl Lomas LoCITY chair, opened with 60 billion deliveries to the door in 2021

The latest delivery to door figures, mail, parcel, food and meal. 2019 25 billion items to door, 40 billion in 2020. Meal to door has exploded, the express delivery to door UK-wide is a staggering 60 billion in 2021.

Alex Williams, City Planning, TfL update on emissions goals for London.

‘One road-charging scheme in the future.’

Alex opened with Net zero by 2030, ‘While other sectors are reducing, transport is not. Air quality, central scheme has been really effective, reducing Nox, massive improvement near schools, expansion has built on success, over 92% of vehicles have been ULEZ compliant. But we have still not hit legal compliance for clean air in London. Mayor spoke last week on climate change and congestion. Congestion clearly impacts journey time reliability. EV take-up is increasing, but still remains around 2%.’ Alex spoke scrappage schemes of the past, ‘there will be another scheme, but future deals are to be worked through with City Hall. The next generation of road charging, the longer term, congestion, LEZ and ULEZ to all become one scheme in the future. We will soon start working on the detail. Engagement, we want to talk, use Talk London, over sixty thousand on the platform so far.


Amada Zambon DHL commented, ‘We need to deliver express in peak hours.’

Heavy vehicles in LoCITY is chaired by Nick Bithell, Knights of Old. ‘Last time we had news from Renault EV, today its Volta. My question is about cost and availability?’

Robert Gwynn, Volta Trucks, ‘16 euro pallets and panoramic vision.’ ’28 thousand trucks by end of 2025’ – Rob explained, ‘Legislation changes coming banning the sale of diesel trucks include the City of Paris. Volta is offering a service and a product. The panoramic cab of the Volta Zero brings central driving position and sliding doors both sides. The batteries and motor are all under the vehicle, This allows 16 euro pallets. 200 miles of range with regenerative charging while braking. We have cloud-based data for diagnostics and cloud will help with driver training. We are using a former MAN plant to manufacture. ‘TAS’ Truck as a service, the pillars include finance and infrastructure. We will advise on grid upgrades and number of vehicles for routes. Driver training is important, the variation between diesel and EV is greater than the lens of automatic to geared.

Truck-specific questions came in, Andy Lowrey Carousel who asked about tail lifts, Jerry Ward John Lewis pressed for fridge detail.

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Next meeting TfL LoCITY July 7th 14.00