Quarter-century for Lynne Wood with AO logistics

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‘When I started all our deliveries were paper based’

This month, Lynne Wood celebrated 25 years of service with AO Logistics,

I can’t believe it’s been 25 years! The business and my role are always changing and evolving so it just doesn’t feel that long. They say time flies when you are having fun, and I would have to say that is very true. Since my first day with the business, lots of things have changed! When I started all our deliveries were paper-based, we didn’t have next day delivery and we had a very small warehouse in Manchester. That said, the spirit we had has always remained – the people are amazing, we never stand still, and we always put the customer first.

There have been so many highlights over the past 25 years, but 10 years ago we moved our logistics operation from Manchester to Crewe and it felt like a real moment where we had a brilliant springboard to grow from. Although the last two years have been really tough with COVID, the way everyone pulled together to literally keep the wheels turning, whilst making sure we were operating safely was a huge achievement for the business. If you are willing to give things a go and support your colleagues then you find as time goes on, they look for you if something new and exciting is happening.