Transport for London - TfL Freight forum ‘virtual December’

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 TFL freight forums have a reputation for being busy and informative, December was no exception.

Alex Williams opened with a frank explanation of money at TfL. E-retail, online numbers were showcased, as growing food delivery was shown to have doubled.

DVS regs on more glass and more vision generated the most questions.



Alex Williams, Director of City Planning. Ridership, Money and ULEZ.

Ridership - TfL have seen a steady return to networks, +60% on tube, +75% on bus. Return to office and lack of tourism has impacted on numbers riding. From Monday down, after latest Omicron announcements. Money, 72% of TfL income comes from fares, our business model is broken, we are pushing Govt for support to continue bus and train at present levels. ULEZ, last week we published the 'one month on' report. Non-compliant vehicles are down to 8%, the next key report will be in 6 months.


TfL Streets Analysis: Key traffic trends Tom Adams, City Planning, TfL

Prior to this week people are returning to the office. Traffic trends compared to pre-pandemic. HGVs just above 80% Cars at 90%, Goods vehicle numbers are very comparative inside and outside congestion charge zones. There has been a huge, significant growth in on-line e-retail. The proportion of online food sales, out of total food – has more than doubled and now makes up 10% of total food sales(up from 5%)

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DVS phase 2 – More glass, more vision. Three star 2023 - Sam Weller, Principal City Planner, TfL

DVS is a world first. It's about making the road safer. 2023 we expect operators to have a three-star vehicle. Oct 2024 a progressive safe system will be needed. We are getting academic researchers at all future phase meetings. Recommending draft technologies for progressive safe system groups.


TfL’s Electric Vehicle infrastructure strategy (to be published before Christmas) - Roisin Naughton, Principal City Planner, TfL

‘We are looking to publish before Christmas. The vision is a carbon net zero by 2030, better air quality, EV infrastructure in London, preference for rapid charging. Mayor established the taskforce in 2018. Report published in 2019, one task was to produce charge point installation. Almost a third of UK charge points are based in London. Since July last year London councils aligned to deliver resource and knowledge on infrastructure. Oct we published the draft infrastructure strategy report. What we need to change and address is the last step to publish the final strategy report, the report should be out before Christmas. We are looking for land to re-purpose for charging, looking for a thousand sites for 2030. We are supporting private sector investment.


Alina Tuerk, City Planning, TfL

The evolution of FORS, the new business model separates governance from operations of the FORS Standard. Sopra Steria plans for operational delivery were on the agenda but technology defeated the delivery.