Motorcycle LIVE at the NEC – Electric two-wheelers for delivery

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Three halls of everything two wheels at the NEC Birmingham.

Covid wristband, doors open and everything two wheels before your eyes.

Lots of electric ready for delivery duty.

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Electric - from scooter to superbike. Back to petrol, there were racks of superbikes, but it's custom two-wheelers that are holding the sales figures.

Lets call them road bikes; they had centre-stands, space and practicality for delivery, but new price is a challenge for the latest kit.

On the money side, it was the two and half thousand pound electric scooters taking real centre-stage for final mile opportunity.

The IOC have put together an exclusive photo gallery tour of the two-wheelers, take a look from your laptop - Honda, Yamaha, Suzuki and Kawasaki alongside Italian art, even some side-cars from Watsonian.

Check out the electric scooter shots below




MCIA AGM ‘Innovation & L zero licence for e-scooters’

Tony Campbell, ‘Micromobility: It's here to stay.’ Age 14 for L category

Paul Lilly, chair of the MCIA Board welcomed everyone to a busy Motorcycle show at the NEC, ‘what does 2022 bring to us? Innovation!

2021 news dec motorcycle show nec 02

Tony Campbell MCIA CEO, We are asking for a new L zero category to recognise e-scooter, we are asking 14 year old access to L one, light bike.


Tony talked marketplace..

We have seen a huge shift in the two-wheel motorcycle market... Custom bikes have the largest slice of today's motorcycles... Scooters sales are growing big and all-electric has scooped five per-cent of this year's market... Numbers show higher volumes than 2020... More custom bikes than sports bikes sold this year... Scooter is really growing, up eight per-cent. Scooters sales for this year are at their largest market size since 2016... Electric is growing; EV has already passed five per cent of the whole segment of 2021 market share.


Micromobility, two wheel, where Govt goes next?

The e-scooters impacting on moped, how do we view this? Currently illegal, an emerging market, regulatory review underway. We need to influence and shape the decisions. We have launched a report, ‘Electric light mobility.


The MCIA ask for a new L-zero category.

e-scooter, they are here to stay, lets get them regulated properly. We are asking for a 14 year old entry to a new L zero and the L one light bike. Its time to remove barriers to moped and open an easy route to motorcycle.



The phase out of non zero emission, two wheel electric by 2035. We expect to see a secure leisure sector and a step change from car



Motorcycle Live EV 2-wheel gallery