Warwick-based courier – 28-82 Logistics – has joined the diamond logistics network

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Midlands 28-82 Logistics, formed in 2020 by Nick Ledingham, has grown rapidly and now operates 42 delivery vehicles during peak.

28-82 Logistics is now set to extend and expand as a diamond logistics Network Partner.

Nick cites diamond’s technology as a major factor in deciding to join:

The software is a game-changer. diamond also offers a great opportunity to add additional service lines and all-important fulfilment to what we do.


Nick’s team includes Carl Snee, the company's logistics manager, and Liam Finn who joined as a driver and is now depot manager.

Nick, who started the business after returning to the UK from overseas, chose logistics as a sector to work in following some useful research:

I enjoy the fast pace and opportunity of logistics, but also that we’re providing a valuable service, and creating a better work environment for drivers and warehouse staff than is normally available. I also enjoy building successful young teams and giving them the chance to build a stake in the business and support them to grow.


Despite the challenges some businesses are facing due to Brexit complications and COVID-19 restrictions, logistics remains a vibrant and critical service.

Diamond logistics has been supporting traditional courier business models to pivot on-line and support eCommerce businesses to scale-up. The diamond operation is well positioned to navigate its way through the complications of Brexit, which its Network Partners will receive expert advice and support on.


IOC fellow, Diamond’s founder and CEO, Kate Lester, welcomes the new team.

We look forward to supporting Nick, Carl and Liam whilst they support businesses local to them.

diamond is perfectly positioned to cater for a wide-ranging variety of logistics needs – all from one local point of contact.


Adds Kate.

It’s all managed on their one-stop logistics platform, despatchlab. It gives our customers the latest technology and services twinned with owner managed local centres.