IOC heads of industry round table for Express Sector worker status

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A bumper packed virtual round table Tuesday 30th March 2021.

Full house – screen wide - sector-wide: national, regional and local.



No surprise to see more than a hundred thousand vans at the IOC heads of industry emergency round table. Strong operator input and speakers with expert legal advice for the IOC emergency virtual heads of industry round table to focus on worker status. Brilliant clarity and tangible explanation of how to deal with IR35 and worker status.

Recorded with full playback, minutes and keynotes captured in detail for IOC fellows.

IOC chair Carl Lomas opened with flexibility and learning before Tracey Worth detailed the summary headlines of the IOC Taylor submission in 2017.

Fellows answered poll questions to bring the sector answers up to 2021

-38% reported a mixed employment driver fleet

-72% agreed financial reward is comparable between self-employment and PAYE.

-66% said current driver recruitment is a challenge


The emergency meeting was called following the Supreme Court ruling on Uber mid-March and the following news of Uber's move to employment hours.

Melanie Stancliffe delivered the IOC keynote at the round table for submission of the sector response to Taylor in 2017; Melanie returned to the 2021 table to deliver an update on worker status and IR35 at this crucial time.


It is time for a stark choice - do you want people to be employees under your control in a vehicle with brand and logo?

Sham contracts will be thrown out.

If you are taking steps to give freedom to drivers who are self-employed, you must incorporate such statements of freedom in your IR35s.


Operator speakers delivered real-world views

Bob Mortimer at Smiths News gave a timeline on how Smiths News have managed their IR35 and the platform used.

IOC chair of owner-operator group Richard England followed with a regional view of PAYE van driver fleet that he began after the first IOC employment status roundtable.


Feedback, ‘a really engaging ninety minutes, nominated speakers brought a great deal of knowledge to the table.’


Zoom code for playback is here for convenience.

Full event report sent to fellows is here.