International Women's Day, March 8th 2021

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Tracey Worth, Int Girl Guider, CEO of the Institute of Couriers, DfT STAT. Tracey Worth, Int Girl Guider, CEO of the Institute of Couriers, DfT STAT.

Tracey Worth celebrates ‘Women in leadership’ in Express logistics

Women’s full and effective participation and leadership in all areas of Express logistics drives progress for everyone.’



Tracey Worth CEO remarks

I am are proud that a third of our hon fellows are women and that over the last five years we’ve had an 8% increase of female fellows. We look forward to see this growth continue which can only benefit the industry.


This year, the theme for International Women’s Day (8th March), ‘Women in leadership',celebrates the tremendous efforts by women in shaping a more equal future and recovery from the COVID-19 pandemic and highlights women both in leadership and women recognised for excellence in Express courier logistics. World Association of Girl Guides & Girl Scouts is one of the key charities this year and close to my heart as an International Girl Guide co-ordinator.


Women are still under-represented in public life and decision-making, but are well-represented in honorary & senior fellows’ roles at the Institute of Couriers; the late Judy Benn was a founding fellow of the Institute of Couriers. Three of the IOC's honorary fellows in the last six years have been women. Women feature strongly in the recognition of excellence at the National Courier Awards, including: Natasha Emery at DPD, Jo Ferrari at CitySprint, Monika Haromszeki at Hermes, Ann Lockyer at Smiths News and Kelly Millichap at Crown Couriers. We are proud that female fellows in the IOC have increased by 15% since 2016 and we actively search to continue to support a greater increase. #choosetochallenge

Women in leadership within the IOC. Kate Lester, CEO of Diamond Logistics a recent winner of the IOC's highest accolade ‘Service to Industry’ at the National Courier Awards. IOC fellow Jacqui O’Donovan is a former equality winner of the National Courier Awards and 2021 finalist in the Women of the Year awards. Moya Green led the Royal Mail and IOC fellow Carole Woodhead moved from the UK to lead Hermes in Europe.



IOC Chair Carl Lomas comments on women in leadership

Tracey Worth IOC CEO – DfT STAT

Women recognised for Honorary fellowship in the Institute of Couriers.

IOC Chairman, Carl Lomas MBE comments on women in leadership in Express logistics,

Tracey Worth is an inspiration to diversity and equality in express logistics as both the IOC CEO and member of the DfT STAT as chair of diversity.

Each year the IOC elects a single honorary fellow, and three of the last six years' recipients have been women in leadership. Traffic Commissioner Sarah Bell was awarded hon fellow of the Institute of Couriers by IOC President, Viscount Lord Falkland. Recently, Carolyn Dwyer, a director of the City of London Corporation was elected hon fellow as she worked towards cargo cycle clean air parking in the City. Vice Chancellor of the University of Staffordshire, Prof Liz Barnes was the first to be elected hon fellow of the IOC for her work towards education in Express logistics - helping develop the degree apprenticeship in Express Management.


Women in Express Logistics

The Institute of Couriers has a rich diversity of women in senior fellows roles in express logistics including, National Courier Award winner, Monika Haromszeki at Hermes , Women in transport winners, Faye Calland at Fedex & Allison Kemp at Aim and senior fellows Rosie Bailey director at CitySprint, Fiona Deas at Eagle, Kate Lester CEO of Diamond Logistics and Jacqui O’Donovan CEO of O’Donovan’s. Claire Mullarkey, CitySprint; Zoe Powers & Rosanna Scott, GLH; Debbie Charlton, Swift Despatch; Lisa Clarke, Diamond Logistics and Rhian Grundy, Hermes and, looking forward to 2021, the IOC looks forward to welcoming Kelly Leech of Tuffnells.


IOC working with women, experts, govt and regions.

Institute of Couriers work with a diversity of women in transport roles. Working on chartership status with Harriet Ainsworth & Penny Chapman at BDB Pitmans LLP. Working on clean air with Isobel Pastor at DEFRA. Donata MacCrossan at TfL, Megan Black at TfGM. Working on roads and licensing with Elizabeth Heaton at DVSA and Karren Cole at MCIA. Working on education with Surya Brown IFA, Tracy Aust WTC LSA and Charlotte Bosworth at Innovate UK. Working on worker status with Melanie Stancliffe at Cripps. Working with Penny Mordaunt at Cabinet Office. Working on govt procurement with Claire Murray at CCS. Working on Health & Safety with Nina Day HSE. Road safety with Anne-Marie Penn Highways and Alderman Alison Gowman City of London. Freeports Claire James. Military logistics, BFPO Kamaljeet McKinley.


A snapshot for this week - thanking the women in express logistics this week. March 8th


‘Thank-you ladies for your combined 25 years hard work and commitment’ – Jacky Brindley – Emily Hill

This week, DX had two long-service awards presented at Crestwood House, firstly Jacky Brindley, Daily Sales Advisor has recently completed 15 years of service with DX and then Emily Hill, Key Account Manager has completed 10 years of service. Both awards were presented by Melanie Bowring, Head of Customer Services for DX Freight ‘Thank-you ladies for your continued hard work and commitment’


Faye Calland Fedex, celebrates Rupi Banwait role in Brexit

IOC Fellow Faye Calland celebrates the work of Rupi Banwait, senior marketing specialist at Fedex for her role in Brexit.

Rupi comments,

Lovely recognition from FedEx for the role we played in the Brexit planning & preparations. Felt honoured to support our amazing Marketing team, led by Paul Wicks and colleagues Sophie Butler & Simon Clarke. Worked with a fantastic cross-functional team and it was a total group effort - I hope to work with you all again soon! Thank you Wouter Roels, Thomas Hartshorn & Trevor Hoyle for the recognition & taking us across the Brexit finish line!



Women in express Logistics who showed excellence

Women National Courier Award Winners 2020


Individual National Courier Award 2020 to Natasha Emery DPD

Engaging the thousandth line haul driver - recruiting to provide a fleet for COVID


DPD - Natasha Emery - Partnerships Manager - ‘Engaging the thousandth line haul driver and recruiting to provide a fleet for COVID'


Natasha rose to the challenge and began the mammoth task of recruiting across the UK. She changed her entire way of working to include video interviews, dedicated driving observation days, one-day inductions, all whilst remaining compliant. Since the end of April, Natasha added 3 additional staff and in a mere 13 weeks recruited the 1000th employed permanent linehaul driver, making up 17% of the driver workforce. That is, she pre-screened 1500 candidates, video interviewed over 500, driver-assessed 250 and recruited 172 drivers.




Individual National Courier Award 2020 to Jo Ferrari CitySprint admin

‘Oversaw major transformation in both numbers and quality’


Jo Ferrari - ‘Oversaw major transformation in both numbers and quality’


We nominate Jo Ferrari because no-one deserves it more. Jo took over the management of the London Central Fleet department in Spring 2019, and immediately oversaw a major transformation in both the number and quality of new couriers that we were able to attract into the London Central Fleet team. She used her many years of experience to understand exactly what we required. Within just a few short months she had overseen a doubling of working local couriers and cargo bike riders and an improvement in our courier retention rates.



Individual National Courier Award 2020 to Ann Lockyer

True calm under distressing circumstances



Smiths News Ann Lockyer - Leadership – True calm under distressing circumstances


“Ann showed true calm, positive leadership under distressing circumstances”

Ann Lockyer seamlessly implemented Smiths News business continuity plan protecting our customers and colleagues by delivering unquestionably exceptional leadership to ensure our operation never missed a beat after a fire closed the depot. Following evacuation and transfer of the operation from Lancing to Crawley, her team were given the all-clear to gain full access back to the building. Ann then managed the return transition of operations, returning to normality back at the local Lancing site. Ann and colleague Mark were the focus of communication and operational activities dealing with 24 contractors, equipment hardware and warehouse contents transfer to Crawley and then back to Lancing.


Individual National Courier Award 2020 to Kelly Millichap Crown Couriers – operations

Proactively manages customer demand and dramatic volume swings’



Crown Couriers - Kelly Millichap


‘Proactively manages customer demand and dramatic volume swings’- During the events of recent months, Kelly has demonstrated that she is the epitome of what a team leader should be: driving her shift from the front, always getting ‘stuck in’ without question and continually motivating her team even through the most challenging of days. Delivering service with a ‘customer-first’ attitude has not come without personal cost for Kelly, with countless additional shifts and cancelled holidays; yet she never arrives at the office, to start her night shift, with a smile on her face. She has handled dramatic volume swings, always proactively manages customer demand and ensures sufficient resource is in place. Kelly delivers nothing less than an outstanding level of communication with her customers.



In 2019 the National Courier Award for Recruitment Innovation went to Jennifer Swain, who led Clipper Logistics' Fresh Start programme




National Courier Award recognises Jennifer Swain. 700 recruits over the last eighteen months must be the HR success of the decade. Lead by Jennifer Swain head of recruitment this company has sourced and recruited from different channels of workers. Partnering up with charitable and support groups for the underprivileged, disadvantaged in the work force and those who need help to get back into work. The recruitment policy as been to open all pathways to work.

The success in this aptly-named program is that working with support partners Tempus Novo, Scope and Mencap over 700 new recruits have achieved employment from varied backgrounds, mentally or physically disabled, ex-offenders or homeless, refugees, retirees, ex-military and full time parents no one is missed off the list for a change to be employed. The policy to be inclusive has rewarded the company with new staff and a pathway for more to join the company through peak periods, offered employability to those who most need it and has strengthened the existing workforce to partner and mentor these new recruits.

How does it work? In July 2018 we met Andrew Scott. Due to a series of unfortunate events, he was in a vicious cycle of unemployment after struggling to find a job for 12-months. Working closely with Reed in Partnership, Andrew undertook an alternative interviewing process and received pre-employment training and mentoring. We offered Andrew a secure job through Clipper’s Fresh Start programme and provide on-going assistance from our Fresh Start Champions. A Fresh Start is a win-win for everyone.