2021 Structure chart of The Institute of Couriers

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The New Year list of the IOC

New Year's Day 2021, IOC president, Viscount, Lord Falkland announced 2021 New Year’s structure list for the Institute of Couriers.

Four new group chairs. Services to Industry winner, Alistair Cochrane takes over chair of the judges of the National Courier Awards from Adrian Smith at Swift. Graham Thomas Ocado takes chair of Alternative Vehicles group from Sam Clarke. A new group is formed to focus on security with joint chairs, Adrian Sherratt DPD and Andy Magromallis Tuffnells.

Richard England remains chair of the owner operator group and Justin Moore continues in the role of education chair.

Meet the new group chairs at the Fellows heads of industry round table Zoom Feb 2nd.


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Alistair Cochrane, Whistl A new chairman for National Courier Awards

Thirty-five years in express courier industry. Twenty-eight years TNT, a decade after joining TNT promotion to Regional Director and then network Director roles. 2009 Managing Director TNT UK Ltd. Stretching the boundaries and trying new areas in logistics. Project Director and then Operations Director Parcel Force. Awarded IOC services to industry for work on diversity 2019. Currently the Chief Development Officer for Whistl UK LTD, he continues to deliver that extra mile for our industry. 2021 will see the National Courier Awards twenty five years young.


Graham Thomas, Ocado, A new chairman for the alternative fuel vehicles group

Joined Londis in 1998, ultimately serving as the Commercial Vehicle Fleet Manager for the Budgens & Londis group. Joined Ocado driving their heavy fleet strategy forward as well as dabbling with the odd van project. Active member of the Van & Truck LoCITY working groups, he has overseen the trial of a Diesel Hydrogen dual fuel home delivery van and introduced CNG-powered trucks to Ocado heavy fleet. Recognised as a Fellow of the Institute of Couriers in 2018, ‘I can regularly be found spouting the good news about our Blueberry all-electric home delivery vans, and our CNG trucks in various CAZ roadshows.’ In January 2020 made the GreenFleet 100 most influential list, and in December 2020 was recognised 'Alternative Fuel Vehicle Champion' award by Greenfleet News at their annual awards.


Launching the new Security group, joint chairs, Adrian Sherratt DPD and Andy Magromallis Tuffnells. The new security group has formed aims and objectives overseen by Chief inspector Patrick Holdaway and welcomes members to the new group.

Adrian Sherratt DPD

National Security Manager, DPD. Adrian joined the Express parcel industry with extensive experience in both the law enforcement sector and operational policing. A background in engineering led to joining Staffordshire Police, Serious Organised Crime Agency and the National Crime Agency. Adrian brings unprecedented experience in the law enforcement sector, operational policing, counter corruption threats, covert investigations, and firearms deployments. As Head of Agency Command and Control Centre in the National Crime Agency 2018 to June 2020, he was responsible for the deployment and control of covert assets ensuring consideration to threat, risk and harm to the public His up-to-date knowledge on strategic developments across the SOC system and experience as an investigator in covert tactics helped to deliver the Tasking and Prioritisation Design. Elected fellow IOC 2020. Currently National Security Manager (North) at DPD group Adrian brings experience and law enforcement knowledge for the prevention of security breaches.


Andy Magromallis Tuffnells

Group Loss Prevention Manager Tuffnells, Andy has worked within many different areas of freight, food and the parcel industry in the area of loss prevention and risk. His career from John Lewis Partnerships, B&Q, Sainsbury’s, Palmer & Harvey and Connect Group brings an unprecedented experience in industry standards and police liaison. Undertaking numerous investigations throughout his career, that have resulted in police engagement, resulting in joint operations where offenders have been detained in criminal acts and received extended sentences based on the standard of evidence provided. Now working in a strategic role within Tuffnells, whilst remaining very much hands on so as to remain current with the operational risks faced by the Parcel Industry, with a firm belief in a collective working strategy to resolve industry wide issues. Elected fellow IOC 2020.