DfT - HGVs can only cross the Channel with a negative COVID test

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DVSA paperwork update for MOT exemption and DCPC card.

Kent travel update, 28 December 2020

HGV traffic in Kent is moving slowly.

HGV drivers heading to the Port of Dover should get a COVID test at Manston Airport before travelling onto Dover. Eurotunnel traffic must continue to go via the M20, where testing is at Junction 8.

Where to get your COVID-test

If you are already heading to Eurotunnel, you must go to Junction 8 of the M20 and join the queue there. If you are heading to the Port of Dover, you must go to Manston Airport. To leave England you must undertake a rapid-COVID test. This is mandated by the UK and French governments. Failure to comply will lead to you being turned away from all ports.

COVID testing is not available at any medical facility in the Kent area. If you visit a medical facility you will be turned away. You must not leave your vehicle to try and be tested at another site.

At Junction 8 of the M20 and Manston Airport

COVID testing is taking place at Junction 8 of the M20 for HGV drivers heading to Eurotunnel, and at Manston for HGV drivers heading to the Port of Dover. You must be with, and remain in, your vehicle, unless requested to leave your vehicle by a member of Kent Police or medical staff. Please adhere to social distancing. Once tested, it will take 40 minutes to get a result. If your result is negative, you will be directed to your departure point. If your result is positive, further information will be provided on site and support will be available. Food and water will be provided for as long as you are waiting. We are doing everything we can as quickly as possible to help you continue on your journey.


DVSA International haulier update Dec 28th

DVSA issued 2 important updates for hauliers travelling outside the UK. (Dec 28th).


MOT exemptions

Annual test exemptions for vehicles and trailers with test exemptions travelling out of the UK. As some vehicles and trailers continue to operate under 3 or 12-month exemptions, we have published a letter which can be carried as evidence of annual test expiry date extensions. The letter shows all the new test dates by month, for 3 and 12-month exemptions. It is not a legal requirement to carry this letter, but it might help if you are stopped outside the UK.


Driver Qualification Card (DQC)

To help ensure that drivers transporting goods or passengers have up-to-date documentation, we will issue new DQCs to drivers who had previously received 7 months extended validity. More information on the previous extension. The new cards will show the extended expiry date of the Driver CPC qualification. Drivers will automatically receive their new card in the post. They must carry this card on their person at all times when driving professionally.