Two cities announce clean air zone start dates for Clean Air Day 2020

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An announcement was made today for Clean Air Day 2020 by DEFRA's joint heads of their Air Quality Unit.

Two English cities have formally announced the start dates for their clean air zone vehicle and emission control measures.

DEFRA have also announced the upcoming availability of a Clean Air Zone communications toolkit for all key stakeholders and partners. This will augment the clean air resources already to be found at their UK AIR web portal.

Bath & Birmingham important progress

Andrew Jackson, Isobel Pastor and Suzanne Trueman, Joint Heads of Joint Air Quality Unit:

We want to let you know that Bath and Birmingham are announcing some important progress with their Clean Air Zones (CAZs) as part of Clean Air Day 2020.

Bath and North East Somerset Council and Birmingham City Council are moving at pace to deliver the zones and show their determination to bring NO2 levels into compliance in the shortest time possible. We will continue to work with both local authorities to finalise systems in preparation for the launch of the zones.


IOC fellow, Graham Thomas from OCADO comments,

Ocado welcomes these clean air zones, we are committed to operating clean vehicles and are already compliant for these clean air zones.


Bath CAZ to start on 15 March 2021

Bath will be the first city to implement a class C CAZ on 15 March 2021. We have updated the “Check if you’ll be charged to drive in a Clean Air Zone” service, or CAZ vehicle checker, and that service will become available on Clean Air Day for the Bath CAZ. We appreciate that this is likely to have an impact on some of you and would appreciate your support in spreading the word to your members and/or customers. There will be exemptions and financial support available which are detailed, along with the application process, on Bath and North East Somerset website:


Birmingham Clean Air Zone to start on 1 June

Brum breathes

Birmingham City Council will be commencing their class D Clean Air Zone on 1 June 2021. This will be the second CAZ to start charging non-compliant vehicles. Details on the zone, exemptions and financial support are available on


Cleaner Air Ahead - DEFRA toolkit

The launch of our communications toolkit

We will shortly be sharing a Clean Air Zone communications toolkit with all key stakeholders and partners. The purpose of this toolkit is to provide you with ‘Cleaner Air Ahead’ branded materials to help you build awareness of Clean Air Zones amongst fellows and members of the IOC. You will be able to download materials directly from links in the toolkit including illustrations, suggestions for copy, social media and digital assets as well as posters and leaflets.