Heads of Industry - 22 Sep 2020 - virtual on Zoom

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IOC Heads of Industry round table – virtual on Zoom – fellows followed from their laptop.

Hands up, clappers rattling, thumbs up in a very interactive zoom with three life services and two honorary fellows onboard.



IOC Vice President, former transport minister, Sir John Hayes CBE MP and one hundred thousand vans at the table for the top-level briefing of all things express. Three life services fellows online for the event, Jeffrey Ritterband, Justin Moore & Alistair Cochrane.

Sir John spoke from Westminster as the days COVID briefing unfolded, Sir John then congratulated the express sector for delivering in lockdown and announced news of the National Courier Awards, "my formal job is to tell you and cut the ribbon as the awards go on the road and are delivered to you."

Fellows lodged questions in a hot house of ten min keynotes from Govt to region, TfL & TfGM finishing with expert Alan Lewis on IR35 Covid-19 furlough.

Each keynote with a focused operator question.

Graham Thomas, Ocado ‘Asked Renault when they can deliver the EV van and where were they are on 4.25 ton availability with batteries for a regular licenced driver.’

Emma Smith Hermes asked DWP when the new express introduction course would be nationally available.

Rob Scott GLH queried TfL on road space. Chris Floyd DPD sought communication channels from IOC Hon fellow Highways England boss Jim O’Sullivan’s key note on UK strategic roads network.

Andy Margolis, Tuffnells asked national police for reporting procedures and Richard England Cambridge Co asked Alan Lewis for a future furlow vision.

IOC wrapped the whole masterclass in less than two hours, A full briefing from latest freight policy on road and region to furlough on the payroll. It was not to be missed.

Fellows can recap the whole Zoom here with individual speaker links after the break


 14.00 IOC Chair Carl Lomas & CEO Tracey Worth – The Covid peak to peak. 

Carl Lomas, ‘The adaptability of our sector, delivering an unplanned peak in the run to a peak, new normal to Black Friday. A peak we never planned for, a peak to door reaching two hundred per cent volumes with today's numbers hitting three hundred per cent on the run to traditional Black Friday.. A continuous, equal-day, seven-day week. The sector projecting 5 billion parcels for the Covid year.


Tracey Worth, ‘Almost everyone in, almost no returns, almost no traffic. This is our adaptive norm of new norm, we started with Covid, panic buying and government regulation to keep safe by keeping your distance and staying at home.


The IOC has supported government and operators to keep delivering for Britain. Keeping people at home keeping the NHS safe. Delivery has focused on food, meds and work at home kit. Asked by government the IOC mapped the sector, understanding and aligning resources to need, has been key to delivering on an unprecedented scale. Our sector has never been so highly recognised for its actions. IOC are proud that we see our Key worker status for last mile delivery move into Critical Infrastructure recognition.


14.10 Chief Inspector Patrick Holdaway talks security in express.

The importance of the industry in protecting our communities – the recent NaCTSO alert being testament to that. The need to report crime – with a 300% uplift in express business we mustn’t lose sight of the need to report incidents, allowing the police to understand the crime landscape.  The value in partnership working – how working together on shared threats will prevent crime, reduce risk and protect businesses and their staff.     


Fellows question, Andy Margromalis, Tuffnells,With the current increase of unemployment and the ongoing situation with COVID, how can we work closer with the police to develop intelligence driven leads to detect and deter crime?’


14.20Jim O’Sullivan Highways England.

Fellows question, Chris Floyd DPD, ‘Whats the best way to coordinate with contractors who are delivering Highways England road works?’

14.35 Alex Farkas DWP recruiting logistics final mile.

‘Guarantee a job interview and DWP will deliver the new Kickstart, ‘Introduction to Express logistics 6-week course’ for you. Pilots are starting in the hotspots of Sheffield and Heathrow. Add to this recruitment support, a further two thousand pounds for every future ‘express logistics’ apprentice you take on.’ Alex will explain the brand new DWP support available.

Emma Smith Hermes asked the fellows question, ‘What timescales are we looking at for national delivery on this?’


14.55 Charles Wright DVSA – availability of driver tests – EV vehicles & driver CPC


Chaz Wright spoke about the very latest driver test statistics launched this morning on the DfT web. Their impact and implications on future driver workforce.


Fellows question, Vince Dignam, City of London, ‘The industry are having issues getting IVA/VCA testing (for new vehicle and heavy goods MOT tests) is there anyone in government you can lobby to support getting these facilities back to full strength?’


15.05 Explaining the moment! Sir John Hayes CBE MP – former transport minister – IOC Vice President   ‘It's going on the road, join me to rattle the clappers on the evening Oct 20th

National Courier Awards Oct 20th. Sir John explained ’It’s going ahead and will recognise some of the exceptional adaptability of the express sector faced with the challenge of COVID, critical infrastructure delivering to the door and helping people stay safe at home during COVID.


ioc vice president sir john hayes


This years National Courier Awards will leave the traditional IoD platform in Pall Mall, the National Courier Awards is going on the road.


With full social distancing, the IOC will complete the final mile of recognition for the 2020 Covid year winners by delivering the Silver C courier awards to the individuals in their workplaces, where their colleagues will rattle their clappers in recognition of best of the best in express delivery.


There will be a broadcast quality capture of the National Courier Awards, just like the real thing, individual and corporate winners will be a secret until the evening of Oct 20th, I ask you to be ready to rattle your clappers and join me then to celebrate the sector and its COVID year delivery.


15.15 Dr Andy Neather TfL – Streetspace – London Bridge


Implementation of social distancing measures on public transport and consequential effect on capacity.

Implementation of the London Streetspace programme (and most recently the closure of London Bridge) to increase space for cycling and walking as an alternative to cars.

Reinstatement of road user charging schemes (18/5) – to head off a car-led recovery.


Changes to the central London Congestion Charge (22/6) – review mandated by central government as part of TfL’s bailout.


Fellows question, Rob Scott, GLH, ‘Traffic congestion for four-wheeled vehicles which are not cars and so not part of a “car-led recovery” seems to have increased a lot recently, e.g. Euston Road. Many drivers of these vehicles were deemed key-workers and their work patterns have been substantially hit time-wise and economically as well as increasing detrimental effects to the environment.  What plans do TfL have to alleviate this congestion which seems to have increased in part due to narrowing of roads for four-wheeled vehicles, closure of roads for four-wheeled vehicles, closure of bridges and closure of bus lanes for four-wheeled vehicle use day and night?’




15.25 Richard Banks, TfGM,

‘Transport for Greater Manchester will provide an update on the Greater Manchester Clean Air Plan, prior to full consultation next month.  This will include information on key elements, proposed charges, exemptions and funding proposals to support vulnerable groups.’


15.40 Grahame Neagus, Renault EV Vans –

Availability and supply of zero-emission in the UK


Graham will be discussing vision beyond the vehicle purchase, the question to purchase EV must include the infrastructures of the location the van will work in, and include wider members of the team beyond conventional diesel purchase of the past.’ ‘You will need to future proof’


Fellows question from Graham Thomas Ocado, ‘When will the vehicles be available in serious numbers and will there be a variant at 4.25t to take advantage of Cat B licence derogation?’


 15.50 Alan Lewis IR35 - Employment status expert


 ‘There are two kinds of businesses in the UK; those that have prepared for the introduction of IR35 to the private sector, and those that haven’t’  That’s a quote from our next speaker, Alan Lewis of Constantine Law. Over recent months Alan has been helping private sector businesses plan for the impact of IR35 which will be upon us in April next year. It is an important topic because if you are a contractor, you may wells see a large reduction in pay.  If you are a business dealing with contactors, you will have new responsibilities for identifying IR35 situations and collecting tax, unless you reorganise the way you engage with those who are to carry out work for you. Here to remind us of what IR35 is and what to do about it, is Alan Lewis.”


Fellows question from Richard England, Cambridge Courier Co, ‘If there is any consideration given to bringing back full furlough if there is another lock down? If the government do lock schools down again would the furlough scheme come back to 80% of wages as it was in the first stages of the scheme?’


Four pm Finish - Tracey Worth, remember the dates


National Courier Awards Oct 20th – next Heads of industry 2021 Feb 2nd, Fellows gowning Feb 26th at the House of Lords, I hope to see you out on the road to excellence as we bring the Silver C courier awards to your depot.


The next IOC Heads of Industry is 2021 Q1 Tuesday at two Feb 2nd