HSE COVID-secure webinar for transport & logistics

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Guiding through the challenges of this Covid world for Express Delivery.

Your first priority is and remains to protect those at work.

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Government has asked for spot checks to be carried out by HSE and local authorities on all businesses; spot checks whether low or high risk. Failure to provide monitoring, supervising or implementing of workplace social distancing is the most common failure.

Andrew Curran HSE Chief Science advisor spoke about transmission, control and emerging issues.

The scientific name for Covid-19 is ‘Sars-Cov-2’. Every business needs to understand risks and routes, think about the work activity you do and mitigate these risks. We do not know if you are next to a covid-19 infected person so you must consider everyone to be a carrier.


Control - Socially distancing is necessary at all times.

Emerging Issues - Outbreaks are an issue for drivers due to the multiple contact points and that of the multiple contact points of those you come into contact with.

Everyone needs to comply and provide sanitising amenities. DfT rule that site access to amenities is a legal requirement. It is necessary for drivers to wash their hands. If premises are not complying -report them. This is controlling risk - it is necessary to have access to warm water, rest areas and toilets.

The cab handover process must be sanitised appropriately and applied throughout the daily activity, it is common sense to maintain a more diligent regime of cleaning when entering and exiting the cab.

HSE rapid evidence review of face visors confirm that face masks do not protect anything else other than droplets i.e. coughing.



What further advice can you give for rider operating guidance for Fork Lift training? (March 26th Guidance)

HSE Nina Day responded

further training will be given but significant issues, due to going into a work place had been resolved. What you need to think about is what you are asking each trainer to do and re-think work timing.


Covid-19 risk assessment guidelines are to be found on the hse.gov.uk website at https://www.hse.gov.uk/coronavirus/assets/docs/risk-assessment.pdf