Black Friday 2019 - It's about congestion

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Not just a day, but a month - Pinch, punch first of the month.

December 1st is Sortation Sunday - December 2nd is Cyber Monday

Toothbrush to TV, Nov 1st to a Black Friday six days later than last and most all of it needs delivering final mile for Cyber Monday, as Excitable Edgar singes the adverts of the partners' Christmas ads for John Lewis to Christmas.

Brexit move and Dec 12th election has focused 2019 peak into new time slots that have been stretched and shifted with Black Friday 2019 six days later than 2018.

ULEZ impact on traffic and road works on the arteries of London has set a new challenge for operators making the delivery of e-retail.

IOC fellows below talk congestion, consolidation and solution to Peak of Peaks.

IMRG report, Elliot Jacobs, Director, Agency and Commerce Consulting, LiveArea, EMEA,

In the UK last year, there were 1.2 billion eCommerce website visits during the Black Friday week, with 194 million of these visits on Black Friday alone.


That’s a big Cyber Monday final mile delivery day.

IMRG anticipates growth of just 2-3% for the Black Friday period (defined as an eight-day period running from 25 Nov through 2 Dec). This represents the lowest forecast we have ever put out for a major online sales event before but, given the myriad problems retail is currently experiencing, there seems a very real possibility that sales could well be flat or even negative.


IOC bring you a short gallery of Black Friday photos and let's not forget most of November is driving the e-retail push to final mile delivery. From Black tag to Black days and Black November, it's become a month but no doubt Cyber Monday and Sortation Sunday is the focus.

Logistics Manager this week highlighted Royal Mail data. Christmas online shopping has risen by 11 per cent year-on-year, according to research published by Royal Mail, and accounts for almost half of festive spending in the UK. The research shows that three quarters of Christmas purchases start in November, and the average spend amongst men and women is £348 and £300 respectively. One in ten online shoppers returned items last Christmas, with women being twice as likely to do so compared to men.


IOC Fellows talk Black Friday

IOC fellows talk black Friday traffic as the biggest challenge to peak.

DPD UK, recorded its biggest-ever Cyber Weekend, with parcel volumes up 13% on last year. The company experienced record volumes of parcels in its four giant, automated sorting hubs each night in the week running up to Black Friday and right through the weekend. DPD UK had a record number of delivery vans on the road over the weekend having recruited a significant number of new permanent drivers during the year in preparation for Cyber Weekend, and the company's growing fleet of electric vehicles made a significant contribution to the landmark effort. Parcel volumes are expected to fall slightly now, before building to a second peak on 16th December following the last major weekend of online Christmas shopping.

Dwain McDonald, DPD UK's CEO, praised his team,

It has been an incredible weekend. The whole team has been absolutely amazing. We have maintained our very high service standard, despite record volumes and that is something everyone should be very proud of. We start planning for Peak in January and we look at every single aspect of the whole process, but when it all comes together it is still a great achievement for everyone involved.


Sam Clarke, Gnewt Menzies,

We have been delivering a decade of peaks on zero emission, last mile in the City is always a challenge from Black Friday to Christmas Eve, van driver miles remain almost matched to walking distances in the Square mile and volume this year is shaping up to follow the trends of previous years as predicted.


Kevin Grey, Point to Point,

Black Friday numbers have been challenged by congestion and road works in West London. Congestion into Marble arch junction and the A40 artery to the Marylebone road has proved difficult. The whole area and further West is in chaos. We have the A40 cycle lane work reducing the West bound carriageway to 2 lanes, further works at Gypsy Corner and then we get to Bayswater with untold road works. Winter Wonderland has clogged Hyde Park Corner on grand scale. The whole of the West End is littered with road works and my driver delivery capabilities are down 20% on last year because of all this.


Darren Walmsley, Top Flight, Watford,

Consolidation for quicker delivery times in peak and a lower carbon footprint. We have also experienced delays in London, but majority of our deliveries happen outside of the rush hour, so has less impact on our routes in and out. We are trying to consolidate more, doing a larger proportion of multi-drop routes into single London runs. Once our drivers are in Central London, it is taking them a long time to get around, which is largely down to the sheer volume of roadworks going on! Taking the consolidation vision further, we have embarked on a collaboration with another Independent Central London Courier Company, who assists us with London to London deliveries, further increasing resources to our clients, achieving quicker delivery times and delivering a lower carbon footprint.



Black Friday deals at the Royal Mail hit 12 pence a drop

12 pence an item - Royal Mail Black Friday and Christmas 2019

Send Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail for as low as 12 pence per item. This Royal Mail new incentive gives customers an opportunity to effectively communicate with their target audience by sending incremental Advertising Mail, Responsible Mail and Partially Addressed Mail volume during these two important shopping periods for as little as 12 pence per item.

Royal Mail,

Last year, our Christmas incentive generated 6.3m of volume and we are keen to build on this success.


The Black Friday period is one of the most opportune times of the year for retailers to boost their sales, and the Christmas period is a great time to show their customers they are appreciated and to encourage more business from them.


Black Friday High Street gallery

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