Chronopost Voltia deal - 400 Nissan NV200s

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Electric zero emission fleet for Paris.

Sam Clarke, Gnwet Menzies and chair of the IOC alternative fuel vehicle group says ‘news on Voltia’s vans being snapped up by Chronopost in Europe clearly demonstrates the need for electric vans of this size for multi-drop applications. Gnewt was the first company to introduce these Nissan converted vans into the UK and they have been fantastic workhorses for us so its good to see others also recognising the potential.'

Chronopost, the French specialist in the xpress delivery of parcels weighing less than 30 kilos, and part of the La Poste Group, this week introduced its new low emission fleet to support clean and sustainable mobility. To date, 400 Nissan e-NV200’s with Voltia conversion have been ordered to complement the 100% electric zero emission fleet for Paris deliveries. By mid-2020 they will also be deployed in Greater Paris and other major French cities.

Juraj Ulehla, Managing Partner, Voltia:

Our motivation was to make electromobility affordable for everyone. The Voltia van was designed to be not only ecological, but also effective and, from the moment it was introduced to the market in 2017, to be the right tool for customers to save a lot of money.


Voltia are talking vans that fully meet today’s urban parcel delivery needs for last-mile delivery. With its compact size, it has up to twice the cargo space volume compared to other electric vehicles in its category, 580 kg of payload capacity and a range of up to 200 km per battery charge – which, for the price (TCO), beats comparable diesel vans in its category. Voltia cooperates closely with Nissan - converting their standard e-NV200 and providing extended cargo space of 8m3, while virtually doubling its current capacity. Moreover, clients enjoy the benefits of a standard Nissan warranty.

Juraj Ulehla, Managing Partner, Voltia

As more than 73% of people in Europe live in cities, and urban vehicles account for 40% of CO2 emissions related to road transport – our mission is to support the e-commerce and logistics industry in its fight against climate changes. E-commerce needs to switch to electric as Chronopost is doing it in Paris now. Thanks to Nissan, with increased production capacity, Voltia, with its strong partnerships, is ready to deploy 10,000 zero emission Voltia vans to EU countries.

Last modified on Monday, 14 October 2019 10:57