Van scrappage delivered for final mile drivers

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Alex Williams TfL, We want to give the money away Alex Williams TfL, We want to give the money away

New step by GLA brings sole trader status eligibility

ULEZ scrappage scheme looked flawed for courier, final mile van drivers; a first draft asked for VAT or company registration - a final mile driver had to be Ltd or VAT registered, (£85k threshold).

Alex Williams TfL talked 'giving the money away' at last week's TfL freight forum.

We repeat the extract below and re-list the Ford scrappage deal. First we bring news that GLA no longer ask for VAT or company registration for owner-drivers. GLA-TfL scrappage, get a Ford and win a double-bubble ULEZ solution.

Courier van owner-driver comes into new criteria for scrappage

GLA talk sole trader option for London scrappage

Oliver Lord at GLA talks new criteria for scrappage to IOC; it's aimed at express final mile van drivers.

TfL have revised the criteria to the van scrappage scheme so that sole traders (a self-employed person who owns and operates a business as an individual) is eligible.


All forms and guidance have been updated on TfL’s website. Sole traders are now invited to apply for the scheme with evidence of one of the following:


A tax return

Business insurance or employers’ liability insurance

Proof of self-employment from HMRC

Proof of a business bank account

A letter from an accountant or solicitor confirming sole trader status


ULEZ update Alex Williams, Director of City Planning, TfL

23 million scrappage for SMEs and charities

‘we want to give the money away.’

Setting the scene with a report from last week repeated. Clean air (Euro 6) compliance rates for all vehicles went from 39% Feb 2017 to 74% for May 2019. Vans went from 9% compliant in Feb 2017 to over half of all vans compliant by May 2019, that’s 54%.’ Van scrappage scheme was unsuccessful, Govt did not allocate funds to London, this was not helpful, however 23 million pounds has been aimed at SMEs and charities by the Mayor. ULEZ, LEZ and expansion of ULEZ in 2021 accumulates to deliver clean air for London. ULEZ was a big step, probably the most regulatory step to clean air in the world.


Last week Ford launched a commercial vehicle scrappage scheme

£2,000 ex-vat on selected new models...

In the heart of ULEZ, July 1st Ford launched a commercial vehicle scrappage scheme.

Ford - ‘You can save at least £2,000 off a new Ford commercial vehicle when you trade in your old vehicle with the New Ford Scrappage Scheme. You can have peace of mind that Ford will manage the scrappage of your old vehicle responsibly.’ ‘How you can save thousands on a new Ford, ‘If your vehicle was registered before the 1st January 2013 and you have owned it for over 90 days, you could be eligible for the Scrappage Scheme savings towards the purchase of selected new Ford vehicles.’


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