IOC ask Manchester for parking priority for low/zero-emission deliveries

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Clean air is not just London's issue Clean air is not just London's issue

Clean air is not just London's issue; it's not just ULEZ London. Megan Black at Transport for Greater Manchester (TfGM) is running a seven-week clean air conversation which closed midnight, Sunday 30 June

IOC have asked TfGM for dedicated final mile delivery parking for low and zero-emission vehicles, to encourage the business case for the next generation vans.

TfGM Clean Air plan highlights:


· A Greater Manchester-wide Clean Air Zone which the most polluting buses, coaches, HGVs, vans, taxis and private hire vehicles would pay a daily penalty to drive in.

· A multi-million pound funding package to support local businesses and sole traders to upgrade to cleaner vehicles.

· To treble the number of electric vehicle public charging points.

Key Points from the IOC Submission

Central Manchester needs a network of dedicated EV delivery vehicle short term parking bays to avoid EVs using charge simply to find a place to park. Deliveries in central urban areas involve couriers driving short distances, parking and walking to the delivery location.

Vehicle availability for clean air deliveries. Achieving the timescale for the zone without a significant reduction in the number/capacity of freight vehicles able to operate (without penalty) in Greater Manchester will be dependent on the availability of new, compliant vehicles and the capacity of the retro-fitting industry to convert existing vehicles. If vehicle fleets incur significant penalties, this will raise the cost of deliveries into and out of Greater Manchester and may result in higher consumer prices or job losses.

The challenge of different regulations. As a professional body whose members (owners and senior managers of courier and last-mile delivery business) operate on UK-wide, we encourage TfGM to work closely with authorities in other cities to adopt common approaches and 'rules' for Clean Air zones. It would be an unacceptable cost to business if different vehicle specifications or charging point equipment were required in each major UK city.

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