IoC News - December 2012

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Peter Hendy TfL. End of year Review.

IOC President Lord Falkland spoke about the serious nature that has come to the platform of the IOC in its stakeholder mission for transport. Speakers for the end of year IOC address included Transport for London boss Peter Hendy, RHA boss Geoff Dunning and Institute of Directors City of London David Stringer-Lamarre. The topic was Olympics, planning, roads and transport for a legacy. IOC Vice president Steve Norris had talked about roads legacy for the games in the beginning and Peter Hendy talked about that legacy as a success and credit to the industry in the end. Peter Hendy 'It will not end, the freight forums will continue, freight, friendship and future is the way forward'

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Peter Hendy took the key note delivery of the IOC end of year transport address .... 'logistics was ready for the 2012 games'

Five per cent of all end user deliveries were walked or cycled to their destination.

A focus on freight, future and friends to deliver logistics to London. Peter announced the legacy of the games would live on as TfL has taken the Olympic freight focus groups to become the future freight workshops focused on road and traffic solutions beyond the games. Peter spoke with passion for the freindships that had been built, Peter Hendy, 'The courier industry rose to the occasion and delivered the result'  Peter commented. 'the way couriers responded to the transport challenge of the 2012 Olympics and Para-olympics has been praised as contributing to the games success. The fifth Travel in London report published by TfL, gives, for the first time, detailed analysis of the measures hauliers and logistics firms employed when delivering to the capital to avoid congestion and road closures linked to London 2012. The report says logistics was ready for the games and responded in a sophisticated way to the traffic challenges they presented. The plans put in place helped minimise the impact of the Games on logistics operations and also contributed to the smooth operation of the road network. A survey of a 1000 hauliers found 58% made some form of change to operations due to the games. Stockpiling, deilivery postponements and journey consolidation were all used in logistics. Five per cent of all end user deliveries were walked or cycled to their destination.

IOC had early House of Lords questions in the freight run to the Olympics, Steve Purkiss FIoC GLH, John Fitzgerald FIoC TNT, Tracey Worth and Carl Lomas had been with Lord Atlee to raise freight on London roads questions for parliament. Steve Purkiss then championed the workshops, IOC Chair Carl Lomas focused the IOC to communicate with clients and avoid traffic congestion.

House of Lords, New Fellows Gowning

Freight, future and friendship was a theme for the evening of the 2012 gowning ceremony, from those three 'F's came one more, Fellows.

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Further details for the House of Lords New Fellows gowning will follow shortly.