eDX IRX at the NEC – Big Commerce alongside final mile

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Lomas checks the NEC map for final mile delivery Lomas checks the NEC map for final mile delivery

NEC standing room only seminars worth the sixteen quid parking in gifts alone.

Royal Mail deliver – ‘Delivery Matters’ data review at the NEC

eDX e-delivery show at the NEC this week in a double deal with IRX internetRetailing expo and then a walk down the NEC aisles for TraffEx and ParkEx but it was sixteen pounds on the parking.

All worthwhile for a bumper visit, if you did not make it, see the photo gallery below.

Four giant seminar spaces, four workshops and one-to-one 'expert clinic' tables set the tone for a must-do with a giant slant to IT, tech, big data and the supply side of the client chain.

Crypto Pavilion focused on coin payments with hands-on demos for online cryptocurrency. There was a Big Commerce pavilion looking at new eCommerce technology stack strategies and a dedicated pavilion for business with China.

In the final mile section, Hermes and Royal Mail stands close to each other with a view of final mile delivery theatre. Royal Mail had an array of 2018 year data in their ‘Delivery Matters’ report. Key facts – 1 in 3 shoppers believe it's easier to track an item via an app than on a laptop.

58% of people want to know if there has been a delivery day

62% believe its important to receive updates on the progress of their delivery throughout its journey.

52% would like to know when their item has been despatched.

41% of people would like delivery confirmation.

IOC set to bring you a full literature review of the ‘Delivery Matters’ document next week


In the dedicated final mile theatre, UKWA boss Peter Ward talked optimal deliveries with Sainsbury's' Mark Conrad delivering a cleaner deliver slot for the environment. Jason Perry, CoOp ‘Drones, hype or reality’ and afternoon keynote by Antony Sant MD at AO Recycling talked improving returns from returns before ASDA Oli Hunt looked at collaborating for excellence in file mile.

The seminars were stacked to busting, standing room only space was in demand and back in the hall free gift takeaways adorned almost every stand, visitors laden down with gifts from orange sunglasses to fury pendants and enough memory sticks to last a full peak of deliveries.


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Seminars stacked to busting at the eDX IRX trade show NEC


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Hermes final mile at the NEC


 2019 news apr edx irx 04

Royal Mail, Big Red machine had click and drop 2018 year data


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