IOC at IntraLogisteX 2019 in the Ricoh Arena Coventry

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Asking the question of delivery time value for Curly Wurlies.

Final mile, client chain, fellows talking express numbers and best practice - from the IOC pledge of 'doing the right thing' to Taylor and employment law.

Curly Wurly gifts for your answers to our survey.

It would not be client chain without a pineapple. Intralogistex was a magic start to the 2019 trade shows.

IOC on the yellow carpets of IntraLogisteX 2019 at the Ricoh Arena Coventry. Time to talk final mile challenge, integrate IOC fellows across the modal platforms of the yellow carpet of Coventry Ricoh arena.

A hot-house of all things logistics, hands-on from robot sorters to packaging machines, fork trucks and even tough-pad PDAs for express final mile.

The IOC asked time value to delivery cost questions in a continued research project between MMU and University of Derby to establish a break in the client perception of free delivery values. Prize for answers was the return of the Curly Wurly, IOC handing out the chocolate gifts to establish what the logisticians think of today's client chain driven final mile. The full report of the numbers is on its way, a five year longitudinal study.


QR code IntralogisteX2019

Scan this QR code on your phone to be taken to our survey !

2019 news feb intralogistex ioc stand tracey worth survey

Attendees at ILX2019 fill in the IOC longitudinal survey questionnaire for a free Curly Wurly


2019 news feb intralogistex sheffield hallam

Mathias and Alexander from Sheffield Hallam University with IOC CEO Tracey Worth at #ILX19


IOC delivered the first day keynote on express final mile, last mile delivery.


 2019 news feb intralogistex lomas keynote

Carl Lomas talking challenge of false volume in retail fashion returns, dealing with the perception for free of charge delivery to the client chain doorstep and making use of levy for your next generation workforce with new Express trailblazer qualifications.


2019 news feb intralogistex worth keynote

Tracey Worth detailed the numbers of retail cost volumes to home delivery and the continuing explosion of parcel numbers as shift continues from High Street to final mile, last mile client chain delivery. What are the ethics of home e-retail delivery to the workplace?


IOC team walked the yellow carpets to check out Chess logistics technology, Interoll, Flexi, Knapp and Linde amongst the exhibitors and brought you an exclusive photo tour at your lap top.

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