IOC with DWP Job Centre Plus talk job routes in Express Logistics

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‘Y for Yorkshire’ – DWP Alex Farkas with IOC Tracey Worth to talk rich diversity in Express courier stream of transport jobs. ‘Y for Yorkshire’ – DWP Alex Farkas with IOC Tracey Worth to talk rich diversity in Express courier stream of transport jobs.

The Institute of Couriers' Tracey Worth was in Yorkshire heartland of Sheffield to promote career job routes in Express Final mile for the DWP logistics focus event held at Bailey Court, organised by Job Centre Plus, transport sector guru Alex Farkas.

The event focused on diversity, signposting opportunity in the express sector for unemployed individuals looking for work from socially deprived, ethnic and single parenting backgrounds both male and female being able to meet and talk to different employers.

IOC CEO, Tracey Worth, STAT member lead for Diversity in Transport gave a speech on the opportunities within the transport industry and explained a rich opportunity for a sector in transport with a strong track record of diversity.

So why should you choose Express logistics as your next job? It’s a sector rich in diversity and opportunity. Some of the largest express and courier companies TNT, Hermes, DHL & UKMail have women in their top roles. Faye Calland Head of TNT Sameday and retail division UK. Carol Woodhead Head of Europe and Ireland Hermes parcel division. Sharon Davies DHL Head of UK Sales and Delivery. Sarah Maddox UKMail Head of Customer Services.

As well as leaders of the sector there is a large proportion of female staff in all other areas -  Driving Vans, Controlling vans, controlling routes, Customer services – resolving issues. We are a sector of flexible engagement times.


Then we have leading examples of entrepreneurs who ‘want to be in charge’ of their own business, e.g. Kate Lester Diamond Logistics


In a ‘perceived’ much dominated male world of transport, the express logistics sector has good representation of a diverse workforce with flexibility of engagement. Express is 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, you are all shopping on line, home delivery, business is booming. Someone makes those deliveries happen. So why not you? Driver, sortation staff, telephonist, controller, customer services. All areas of skills that the Express delivery industry need. Part time, full time, flexi time. YOUR time!


Our express delivery sector has the job role to suit your needs, your lifestyle. Employed, Self-employed Flexible time. All these employment types are open to you. You can choose.


Hermes announced in the first week of February, a new deal for express delivery drivers. They are just one example of how the sector wants to work with YOUR lifestyle. Christmas will always be a ‘peak period’ for retail and business but in Express Delivery our business is always in peak.

Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Easter, Black Friday and Boomerang Monday and of course Christmas.


Tracey Worth focused the message to Sheffield -  Express courier sector of logistics needs YOU.


We need drivers and sortation staff. We need controllers and customer service staff. We work 24 hours 365 days a year. We train, we employ, we offer self-employment. We offer your own franchise business. If you want to do a job that you know has the greatest effect on people’s lives, then Express Delivery is one of them. Our sector is growing; it works 24 hours a day with all types of employability. So let’s find the right one for you today.


Feedback forms with smiley faces as the single parent, ethnic minority and part time workers; both male and female commented. ‘This event has given me confidence‘I never knew that Express delivery had so many opportunities’ ‘you were inspiring, I really want to work in your sector

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